Happy Friday! I.am.so.excited. This week was another one for the books, in none of the good ways. This weekend is much needed and I actually have next Monday off of work, so halle-freakin'-lujah! I plan to just enjoy myself this weekend to shrug off the stress. Who's with me? Let's get started.

Ok so one final complaint. This work week was absolutely nuts. I just can't ever get my hands around what all needs done. Anyone else every feel like this at work? I can do one week of this but that las couple have been like this and shows no signs of slowing. I am open to any and all ideas on how to organize my day. Cool? Go! ;)

Did you see my Monday post? I tried this new face mask that is legit! I have tried a whole bunch that I was never sure really worked, but this one I could tell a difference immediately. Definitely check it out!

This weekend my cousin is coming in from out of town. D and I spent two days cleaning. Two days just because we don't have a lot of time. I cannot express how much I hate cleaning. Especially the bathroom. I really just want it to be over, haha. But the end result? Amazing. Nothing is better than a clean house. So ready for my girl to be here, we are going to have so much fun!

Why am I excited for the weekend? The Zombie Pub Crawl is why. This is the biggest gathering of zombies in America. Sound strange? It is. It's also awesome. Everyone dresses up as various zombies, a whole area of downtown Minneapolis is blocked off for drinking, music and BRAINS! Actually this year there are some recognizable artists like Third Eye Blind and T-Pain. We have been going for a few years now and it is always a blast! Follow along on my instragram!

This week I finally got my hands on the best blazer. My workplace is too casual for a real blazer but wearing a bomber jacket feels too casual. This is a great combo. It has a blazer cut but the athletic cuffs and lapels of a blazer. Plus it's black and white so...it belongs to me, right? It's super comfortable and I could easily dress it up more with a skinny pant or skirt for night out. A more casual look I paired it with these jeans from Topshop. Weather is getting cooler around these parts so we won't have much more time that I can wear these. I like the balance of the looser blazer and more fitted, high waist jeans. For this look, I kept it simple with my go-to black tank and delicate jewelry. I went with a subtle pink necklace to add just a hint of color to the look. Alice & Wonder has done it again. I am telling you, I spend all my money there!

Tank| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Jeans| Topshop
Purse| Gigi
Shoes| Lucky Brand

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