Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous around here as fall is in full swing. Not totally ready for what will inevitably be a crazy busy week, but will relish in the fun weekend for now....or until next weekend.

Friday we headed up after work to the cabin. It takes about 4 hours to get up there and with Reese we have to stop to feed her at least once. We tried to get up there a little early, but best-laid plans. We got up there about 9:00 or so and hung out with the family a bit before bed. 

Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous! We could not have asked for a better fall day. Crisp temperatures and sunny without a cloud in the sky. D and the guys had some work around the cabin to do. D went out to his deer stand to get it prepped and ready to go or opener. They also were putting some rock up and moving the hill next to the cabin. I was watching Reese so I spent most of the morning inside. After lunch time we took Reese out for her first four-wheeler ride. We borrowed D's parent's side-by-side just because it is a little safer to take her and on easier trails. She seemed to like it. Not smiling but not mad, honestly seemed like the vibration lulled her to sleep for a bit. She took it like a champ!

Sunday morning we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon resting up for the long week ahead. Reese was a little crankier than usual. I think it was a combination of things but we eventually got her down. She has not struggled that much in a while so hoping it is not a sign of things to come. She has been such a great sleeper overall. Fingers crossed!

Whenever I get back from a long weekend somewhere my skin has alway suffered. The hard water and fun take a toll. I received this face mask for free for a product review from Erno Laszlo. I have tried several other face masks and honestly, have not seen much difference. I tried a couple of charcoal masks and I really don't notice a change, so I was not expecting much. This one had a couple of steps:

1. It comes with two packets and one stir stick.

2. Pour the contents from packet one in a bowl

3. Pour the contents from packet two in the same bowl

4. Mix the contents together until stir until it looks like an airy mousse

5. Apply the contents with the stick and let dry for 15-20 minutes

6. Peel of from the forehead one down and use toner to help get any residue off

I was super surprised how great this was. The mixture was a lot of stuff. I couldn't figure out how I could reasonably get it all one and so I didn't. I gave up on the stick and started using my hands, but you want to do that quick because it dries quick. Unlike most masks, it does not dry hard. It also feels more like if you had a prosthetic mask, like if you were in a movie. It peeled off really well, which is also unlike other masks I have tried. My skin looked really soft, noticeably brighter and healthier looking. Definitely loved this and will be using it again to help brighten up my dull skin. 

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