Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and enjoying beautiful Fall weather like we are here. It's unseasonably warm around and absolutely gorgeous outside. It has been a busy weekend and week for me so I apologize for the distance from the blog. Some weeks the balancing act is more complicated and something had to give, this week it was the blog. Hoping to rest and reboot and get back in the saddle next week.

In the mean time let's catch up. Last Friday, my cousin and one of my all time favorite people came into town. She was in town for the Zombie Pub Crawl, which is exactly what it sounds like. She flew in early but I had to work. We invited some friends over for a fire because it was the perfect night. We enjoyed a few drinks and laughs by the fire until it was time for bed.

2. ZPC
Saturday was pub crawl day. D and I work up early, because baby, and we hung out in bed for a bit. I snapped a cute photo. 

When my cousin woke up we decided to go for a late breakfast at local favorite Fat Nat's Eggs.We thought some greasy diner food would be good before a pub crawl.  

My parents picked up Reese so we could get ready. I am usually pretty bad at the make up thing, but I found an inspiration photo and I think it turned out good!

It was supposed to rain that night but we were hopeful it would not be too bad. Well we were wrong. We were under a few tents and then all of sudden a loud sound and an enormous crowd trying to get under the tents. It downpoured! We hung out in the tents until it calmed down a bit and then we headed to a bar to wait out the rest of it.When it cleared up a bit we got back just in time to catch Third Eye Blind play on the main stage. Not bad , actually. It was a fantastic night.

Also , yes we were zombie Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own. "There's no crying in BRAINS!"

Sorry, just a little zombie humor. 

On Sunday the family came over to see my cousin. This side of the family isn't huge, but we tight knit and make the time to see each other. The Vikings played the Packers at noon and we didn't expect to see them win. But low and behold, Aaron Rodgers freakishly broke his collar bone and BOOM, we win!  Well not, boom, it happened early and then 2 1/2 hours later we won, but you get it. 

Oh and my aunt and I keep trying for the silver thing. Not sure this worked exactly but we're trying.

Monday my cousin flew out but not until late. I wanted to take her around a few cool places. We went to lunch at The Lynhall. A cute little cafe style place I have passed a couple of times. Kind of deconstructed type food. I did lunch, she did more breakfast. I also got a delicious coffee. Part way through I got a call that Reese had a slight fever so we had to go pick her up. 

After picking up Reese we headed back down and hung out for a bit, I took her to the https://walkerart.org/visit/gardeMinneapolis Sculpture Garden to see the iconic cherry and the spoon. They recently renovated it and it opened back up this summer. I hadn't been yet and I thought it would be cool. They added some new sculptures and kept some classic ones

Tuesday I wound up working from home with the little miss. She slept a good chunk of the day and was ready to go by end of day. 

Not much else happened this week besides being insanely busy with other things so I won't bore you with it.

So Halloween is almost here. I can't believe that it's almost that time. I have  costume already but thought for those of you who would prefer not to wear costume, but wanting to participate there are a few fun options. My go-to for holiday tees are consistently Ily Couture and Target. Ily is a bit more on the expensive side, but some of their tees are so cute I don't even care :)  Target is a bit more budget friendly and a bit more on the jokey side. I splurged and picked up the "Boo" tee from Ily Couture. What do you think? Are you partial to Halloween tees? Would love know what your favorites are?


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