This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.
This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.

Happy Friday! It has been a real long week around here. Busy with work and every day closer to Christmas the motivation decreases for other things, right? In that spirit, I thought today would be a great day to post one of my favorites. I love sharing my Stitch Fix finds with you all. Getting my Fix each month always feels like Christmas anyway. 

I got some really great pieces this time. It was really hard to send some back this time. Let's dive in

This one was, unfortunately, the dud of the bunch. I am having bad luck with Vince Camuto tops. They just never seem to fit quite right and that was the case here. Too boxy and too short just made me look really wide. I usually love a button detail, but this shoulder piece felt a little 90s to me in a way I didn't like. This one I sent back. I did link up some similar items but more flattering choices.

(similar / similar)

I thought I wasn't going to like this one at first. The stars were throwing me a bit as too youthful and maybe not appropriate for me. The material also felt initially a little flimsy. I was worried it would stretch out. When I put it on a second time (to take this photo incidentilly) it felt different. I thought the cut was really flattering and I liked that it was a bit thinner so it would work in the fall and spring too. Ultimately, because I couldn't keep everything it went back. I do have my eye on some similar ones though. The stars were a bit 90s but in a fun way.

(similar/ similar)

This. This sweater you guys. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Madewell? I just want to curl up in their store and live. This sweater is so so comfortable. Nice and chunky, but it's also cropped so it's not overwhelming. I love the thick cable knit and it's a perfect Christmas red. I put this on and didn't want to take it off. It's mine now :) It's also 40% off right now and under $60


This necklace has been on my wishlist for years! I have wanted it forever and never bit the bullet. Imagine my surprise when I saw it in my Fix. I don't have many statement necklaces anymore, but this one is phenomenal. I have worn it a dozen times already. I like how it looks with a chunky knit sweater. Just comes through and add something a little extra. I am obsessed with it and you all need it!


The last piece was this skirt. We have tried a couple other skirts before and they just didn't quite hit the mark. This one is just right. It helps the brand is Liverpool, which is the comfiest jeans I have ever worn and fit so beautifully. I prefer a more structured skirt, just more flattering to my overall shape. What really sold me too was the faux leather paneling. It helps to create some clean lines and super sexy. I wore this to a concert the other week and got so many compliments

(similar / similar)

There you have it, my most recent Fix. Which ones would you have kept?

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