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Welcome to my home! I've already shown you my cozy living room  space that we put together. Today I wanted to show you probably the most popular room in any house: the kitchen. No matter where the party is supposed to be you always end up in the kitchen, so it had to be good.

I don't know what it is about kitchens, but it really is the gathering space. When we went looking for a new house this room was one of the most important to me. I don't even cook, Derek does that. So why is the room so important to me? I don't know but I was really fixated on a certain kind of space. Our last home had a decent kitchen and was a selling point for that house too. It was an older home but they gutted the kitchen and remodeled it including a good-sized island. I like to host so I am always thinking about the flow of the space and how could make it work to provide food, etc. Everyone congregates in the kitchen no matter how nice the rest of the house is, so make it good right?

What I really loved about this home was this big island. We had a pretty good one before but this was bigger. Wider and more open all the way around. I thought maybe I wouldn't like the sink in the island itself, but I actually do. If you're cooking while people are there or cleaning up, my back never has to be towards my guests. The downside is one dirty dish makes the whole place look messy, so it's a lot of work to keep it clean. Our cabinets are knotty alder, which we love. We debated going with white, but the distressing and knots in the wood here were too unique to pass up. 

There isn't a ton of cabinet space here, it's kind of misleading because the space is big. How the kitchen makes up for it is this pantry behind me. It's pretty big and holds so much, it's the saving grace of this kitchen. Most people who have seen it love it, and so do we. Not only do we put food in there but some of bigger appliances we store in there as well.

The dining space is also a big favorite. Our old space left much to be desired, small, dark and kind of sectioned off. This feels like an adult's dining room! We bought this new table, which mimics our couch I couldn't be happier with. We went with the six chairs right away but it also opens up and we have several more chairs. I'm imagining if we ever host Thanksgiving, Christmas or for Reese's birthday. Wed had our housewarming party and it worked perfectly. We can even finally bust out our wedding china, which we did for the first time last Christmas in nine years! Looking forward to that again. 

What do you think? Is the kitchen your favorite gathering space as well?

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