Happy Monday! What's a better way to have a Monday than with some new jewelry? Or at least numb the idea of a Monday ;) I am comin' at ya with my newest set and it's pretty good. This time around I had my Iceland trip on the brain. I wanted a few fun pieces to wear when we went out to dinner. I had some outfits already picked out so I swapped a couple of pieces to match.

These were probably my favorite pair. I don't own a traditional pair of hoops. I bought some dangly hoops a couple of sets ago, but these have a more traditional shape. It's hard to see in these photos but they are a true circle. They are a little bit angular, which I love. Some of my favorite things are when you take a classic piece but add a fun spin. Maintaining the original form of it. These I wore with one of my first dinner looks, but I wear these almost every day too. So cute and fun, but not too flashy you couldn't wear them to work. I definitely kept these. 

I took a chance on these. These are definitely a fancy earring, meant for a date night or a wedding. They don't translate super well to every day wear. The saving grace is they are on the smaller side of things, so potentially on your dress code could be worn to work. They are too fancy for me. They were fun to wear to dinner and definitely cute. Because they are on the dressier side I sent them back.

This piece I was really excited about. It reminded me of a delicate signate ring without all the bulk. Something a little different than your usual style. I wear a lot of black so this basically goes with everything in my closet and I like the statement of it. I debated keeping this, but ultimately I think I want a truer signate ring. This one felt a bit like it might be a bit flimsy. 

There you have it! Have you tried Rocksbox yet? Use my code mymonochroamticlifexoxo for your first set FREE!

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