It's always a good day for a Rocksbox! I really can't rave enough about this box. I love that I get new pieces to freshen up the collection each month and I can try out a few things to decide if I need them (spoiler alert: I usually do) This time around I was feeling an edgier vibe. I exercised my option to trade out a few pieces for some funkier ones.

This is the least funky piece this time around, but a real classic. Rose gold metal, which is my favorite. I don't know when I'll be sick of it, but not today...The pendant itself is bright and blingy, but not so much that you couldn't wear it to work. It also has a couple of settings so you can definitely layer this with other pieces. I love this piece!

Ok so normally I am not as funky in practice as I am in my head. I'd like to think I'm a bit more rock n' roll but really I'm a bit more simple. These are my dipping my toe into the water to be a bit edgier in my day to day. It's been just a constant state of thunder and lightning so these felt so appropriate to me. These are so fun and I have worn them 

This one was a bit of a stretch for me. I remember getting my "preview my set" email from Rocksbox and just taking a peak at what other options there were. I saw this and the black and gold just hit my little black heart. I love the moon and stars vibe. It goes with my sky and weather theme I think. It's multiple pendants but all together. If you are posing for a phoot it sits beautifully like this, Normally, it's all over the place and I love it for that. A cool statement piece.

So I can't decide, what piece should I keep? Also, if you don't have Rocksbox yet you need to sign up! Use my code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for your first box FREE!

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