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Happy Monday people! Welcome to Thanksgiving week. I am so excited we're finally. It feels really late this year and I am itching to eat my fill of turkey. We're hosting this year so we will be very busy in the next couple of days but it will be all worth it. In the meantime, I wanted to show you my newest Rocksbox just in time for the holiday!


First up, these super cute drops. I am not normally a huge pink person but I loved the beading on these. This time of year I am looking more towards earth tones, but I found this cardigan at Target and the pink matches almost exactly! I wore it a few weeks ago to a family function and I loved it. These also might be fun for a more pink and silver/gray look for Christmas or to jazz up a NYE look. I know that's a bit further out but will be here before you know it.


This necklace I love so much. I know I say this every time but it's true! I have worn this almost every day. It's just an easy pendant necklace that goes with almost everything. I have a long-standing affection for evil eye jewelry. In high school we had a Turkish exchange student stay with us for a week and she gifted us some evil eye charms and explained it to us. I'll always remember that. It's just a fun design as well and a change-up from your average gems. On another note, Reese thinks it looks like a high five and says that every time she sees it ;) 


My last piece is this gorgeous ring. I am obsessed with it! It is literally the perfect wear everyday ring, in that I wear it every day. I love a stacked ring. I don't think I own one that isn't at this point. It just feels too small if it's not. I want a ring on every finger like David from Schitt's Creek. Can't I have that? I like that each row is a little different with textures and some sparkle so it's interesting to look at, but not too much to wear to work. I think I need this one in my life.

I love all these pieces but don't know which one to keep. Which is your favorite? Help me decide. 
If you haven't got into Rocksbox yet, be sure to click here to sign up. You can use my code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for your first month FREE! 

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