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Happy Monday! Whew! It was a busy weekend. I was a hunting widow (weekend 1 of 2) so I had my hands full. Needless to say, photos didn't happen. I was, however, at Target no fewer than two times in three days. That's a lot even for me. I saw these boots there that reminded me of the Marc Fisher ones that are going around. It had me thinking I haven't done a steal vs splurge post in a while so voila! Here we are :)

I have been thinking about what I would love to wear right now based around these boots. These days I feel like I have been living in leggings. It's also that time of year I just want to cuddle up in with biggest, coziest sweater I can find. So I started to play with this idea. I found my favorite spanx leggings, but I also noticed Target has a really inexpensive pair to get the same look. The Spanx are worth  the money in my opinion. Also, Nordstrom has this gorgeous sweater that comes in several colors. But H+M has a really similar one for super cheap. I am also pretty sure Target has a good one too. I think these boots are edgy though so I picked some great black, wide brimmed hat and a great black tote. The Madewell one I have in brown and I looooove it. Good for us mamas too because it holds so much stuff. I found some cute cuffs too. I didn't want too much jewelry with the turtle neck and hat so I opted for a bracelet.

Hat| Target
Sweater | H+M
Bracelet| Bloomingdales
Leggings| Target
Shoes| Target

Hat| Madewell
Sweater| Nordstrom
Bag| Madewell
Bracelet| Nordstrom
Leggings| Nordstrom
Shoes| Nordstrm

What do you think? Which pieces would you splurge on?

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