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Happy hump day! Hope this week has been treating you well. I thought it would be a good time to show you the last piece on my house tour. My favorite part, if I must admit, our bedroom. Our last home had the smallest bedroom ever. We had a king bed, which was probably a mistake as it was too big for the space. We bought furniture that didn't fit and eventually took out part of a bedroom for our closet. I was so excited to get a bigger space and some new pieces.

We sold our old bedroom set and we knew what set we wanted. We did a little shopping before we closed on our house so we knew exactly what we wanted. You  can't make any big purchases before you close, so literally the weekend we moved out we went out and got the big pieces we wanted. I thought they weren't making this set anymore so we kind of panicked and drove all around. The good news is it isn't sold out and I love this set. Truly different than anything else we saw. I like the mix of the wood and the fabric. I wanted something lighter too as all of our trim is white. Our last set was dark too and I was ready for a change. I will say it's oversized so the chest is a bit bigger than we realized but we made it work.

The sheet set I bought at Macy's although I originally saw it during the Nordstrom sale. I became obsessed with it. There is a duvet option although after having one for years I was ready to be done. They are too fussy and this is so much easier. The white patterns are little tufts of fabric so there is good texture too it. The only downsize is the threading is a bit thick so when Eva tries to jump on the bed her hair gets everywhere and darn near impossible to clean. Otherwise, I love it. The lamp is old but I still love it. Distressed white wood will never be out of style.

Eventually, I want to mount the TV but it sits on my dresser for now. The starburst decoration used to be in our living room. After Reese was born it was a bit of a hazard, as you might tell. After the move, I thought it would balance out my new dresser. My jewelry holder broke at the last house and I happened upon this one from Home Goods that I think is more elegant.

Lastly, this wallpaper was done solely with the help of my mama. I knew I wanted something different to make this room really feel like ours. I've never hung wallpaper before and thankful for her for basically coming over and doing it while I watched.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your feedback!

Sweater| Target
Bralette| Free People
Jeans| Madewell (similar /similar)
Earrings| Target

Bedspread| Macys
Lamp| World Market (similar / similar)
Jewelry Stand| Home Goods (similar / similar)
Decorative Starburst| Home Goods (similar )
Mirror| At Home (similar)
Wallpaper| Hirschfields