Happy Friday! Woof, I am ready for this weekend. Winter really showed up at our doorstep this week. We got a little snow and temperatures dropped. Looks like the forecast is warming up a bit so hopefully we won't be in the deep freeze just yet. 

So I actually got this Fix a few weeks ago right before my Iceland trip. I brought some of these pieces with me in anticipation of my vacation. I got some really great pieces so let's do this!

My stylist sent this in anticipation of a lot of hiking in Iceland. I had a couple pairs I thought I'd be ok with but I needed another. These are cute in some ways with the side stripe and the fit is pretty good. What's hard to see is there is another stripe around the waist that is just super unflattering. These were also really thin, which is probably great for yoga but not for Iceland so they went back.


When I pulled this piece out of the box I super loved it. I am a big fan in mixed media tops, I like to play with textures. It's hard to see but the top is kind of ripped and almost a mock turtle neck. There is a lot about this top I like. It didn't fit quite right from the side. I think I am a bit too tall for this (5'8") If you are more of average height this would fit great!

My stylist sent these because I need a pair of black, plain booties. Side note: for our anniversary my husband got me a really nice pair so these went back. I think these are cute and I love the cutout. I don't personally like a rounded toe like this, and the heel isn't as thick or block as I like. It ever so slightly tapers and it's just not my fav. 

This top. This. I love this. I am still not over the leopard trend and this was perfect. It's more of a proper shirt than a tee. It has a button back and the material is a step up from a basic tee. The little puffer sleeve is just too cute I wore this our last day in Iceland with some black jeans and booties. I wear this top to work. It's just perfect and everyone needs it.

The last piece was this sweater. when I first saw it I thought it was ok and wasn't super impressed. Then I saw the zipper in the back which gave it a bit of an edge. Then I put it on and the fit was so great I had to keep it. It's a great sweater for work and super comfy. The zipper lends to some edgier accessories, which makes it more my style. You can also front tuck it to keep it more on-trend. Definitely a keeper!


What do you think? What is your favorite piece?
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