Happy Monday party people! I had a really fantastic weekend and I hope you did too! I have a pretty busy week ahead of me and memories of this weekend will get me through!

It was a lot of Father's day celebrations and enjoying our latest purchase, so let's get started.

Friday was pretty uneventful. I worked and then spent the night in. D was desperately trying to get some outside work in so I was taking care of little miss. We ended up crashing early, cause ya know...parenting.

Saturday was busier. My dad wanted to celebrate Father's Day on Saturday, which was actually perfect. We decided to take him to the Twins baseball game. We bought cheap seats so we could walk around. Target field has a few bar locations and some other things to see. We thought if they star sucking we could walk around and enjoy ourselves. Well they did, ha. A couple of seasons ago they put in this bar, Barrio, which is a local bar/restaurant.  We went and hung out there for a while and I got an overpriced margarita. We watched the game from a few different angles. Afterward, we went to this kooky dive bar he likes Lee's Liquor Lounge and had a beer before heading home. 

That night we stayed in but decided that Sunday would be a good day to take the boat out. D got it prepped that morning so it was good to go.

Sunday D went up to his dad's for a bit to celebrate Father's Day. I stayed back to get some work accomplished so we could take the boat out. Oh yea, we bought a boat! It's old but it's a great compromise of what we both wanted. D can fish from it and I can sunbathe in it. We called up a few of our friends to join us. The weather at first seemed like it was going to be chilly and cloudy. It turned out to be sunny and about 70. Perfect night on the water.

Now, that I am a boat owner I have to dress accordingly right? ;) On Friday I picked up some new shorts. I decided jean shorts rarely look good on me but these cargo shorts fit great. They have a mid rise and have enough looseness to be flattering but not so loose that I look enormous. I bought two pairs because they had a $20 on shorts deal going on. Honestly, if you wait you can almost always get 40% off at Gap. I paired it with this old top from Banana Republic with some fun golden sheen. My body is finally back in a place that it looks nice as it is a bit clingy. Since we were just gonna cruise on the lake I added a little gold jewelry,  my fav brown sandals and this hat I recently got from my Box of Style (more details on that to come). It was super comfortable and perfect on the water!

Top| Banana Republic (similar/ similar)
Shorts| Gap
Sandals| Target (similar / similar
Necklace| Macys + Apricot Lane

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