Happy Friday everyone!  I, for one, am relieved it is the weekend. It has been a crazy, albeit boring, week and I am ready for a bit of a break. With that said I wanted to share a beauty piece I have been trying for a bit. So let's get to it!

There were some protests this week in Minnesota by the Westboro Baptist Church people. It was upsetting to see this group near my town. The positive thing was to see the community rally around and see these positive messages. It is good to know that Love trumps hate every time. Really inspired by this this week. 

I feel like I am working around the clock. My full-time job is in high gear right now, busier than I expected and I am just trying to tread water. My part time job isn't a lot of time but enough to make my head feel like it is spinning. Debating what to do here, so if my blog posts are scarce in the coming weeks just know that I will be back!

This week we discovered the instagram filters and snapchat filters. Both of these finally recognize her face. So we had some fun.

D went up for his annual fishing trip on Wednesday. We are going on day 2 of being alone. The hardest part is getting ready and out the door on time with her. Thankful I don't have to do this all the time. How do single moms do it? I can't wait for D to get back. He is not allowed to leave anymore, ha!

Some time ago I was contacted by a former classmate about lipsense. I have heard lots about it and know that some people swear by it. I agreed to try and set to see what all the hype was about. It is a long last lip, which I basically demand from my lipsticks now and won't wear anything else. It boasts being lead, wax, gluten, GMO and cruelty free. It also has an ingredient PPG methyl glucose, which is a fancy word for conditioning your lips. So not only is it a long last lipstick but it improves them too. When I first tried it, it kind of burned. It also contains some alcohol that they report cleans and exfoliates your lips and that does go away in a few days or so. It all sounds good so give it a try, eh? I chose Pink Champagne as my color. I figured if I didn't love it I didn't want to be stuck with a super bold shade. Turns out it's basically a metallicy version of my natural lip color. Here's what I will say about pros: long lasting, improved condition of my lips, lots of color options. Cons: multistep process (I'm lazy, I like a one and done), taking it off at the end of the night is hard, and I can't overdraw my lips. Most of the cons are more of a personal preference. I like to overdraw my lips because they are thin and you just can't with this lipstick. 

Here are the steps:
1. Clean your lips
2. Apply color sweeping in one direction only, wait to try and repeat 1-2 more times
3. Gloss, gloss gloss
4. Fix any corrections with the oops remover

I can definitely see the appeal. I would be curious to try it with a bold color and see if the effect is different. You know how bold colors can go from chic to crazy woman with one drink? Maybe this would be the lip that wouldn't happen with.

Have you ever tried lipsense? What did you think?

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