Happy Monday! I had a super busy weekend and am writing this as I am exhausted so I am going to keep it short and sweet!

On Friday after work I met up with my dad to go to the Irish Fair of Minnesota. If you aren't from here, once a year on Harriet Island, St Paul we celebrate our Irish heritage with games, food, beer, music and history. Every year it grows and is more fun than the last. Major Irish bands come from around the country to play. This year the headliner was Gaelic Storm. If you saw Titanic, they were the Irish band Jack and Rose danced to on the steerage deck. They happen to be amazing and the front man is super hilarious. At one point he brought up a 9 year old girl and had her to do several run and jumps to hit a cymbal as loud as she could. It was hilarious. Overall, we had a great time per usual.

Saturday we drove down to Southern Minnesota for a friend's baby shower. Unfortunately we read the time wrong the invite and missed the shower portion. We realized this about half way into a two hour drive ::head slap::  Thankfully they had plans to hang out at the Mississippi River afterwards so we were there in time for that. Saturday was a gorgeous day, 80s and sunny. Perfect day to be on the water. They had a boat and a jetski so some of us just hung out and some of us got very active. Afterwards we went out to dinner at a local place that brews their own beer. It took waaaay too long to get our food, but it was pretty good. Including pretzel breaded cheese curds. Amaze. Perfect Saturday.

Oh and there was this adorable silver labrador puppy that kept looking for food by us. He was so cute I almost stole him. 


Sunday was a working day. D and I woke up and I was pretty hungry. The local Hy-Vee has some unique looking donuts so we ran up there a grabbed some. Um....they were heaven. The s'more one had a brownie chocolate frosting I am still dreaming about.

Afterwards we had to do some housework. The other side of the closet needs to be cleaned up. We bought the paint we needed and started on that. I also did some cleaning. I super hate painting. Hate. But it is a necessity.

This weekend was a good reminder that although the nights are starting to get chilly. It's that time of year where we have to plan for two weather patterns. In my closet some of my go-to transition pieces are as follows:

Baseball tees are super cute and flattering on everyone. They tend to be light weight so on a warm summer day you can wear them with shorts without getting overheated. At night swap shorts for jeans and you are good to go.

Plaid is the hallmark card of Fall. Similarly to the baseball tee shorts during the day, pants at night. Some plaid is lightweight and can transition well colorwise from Summer to Fall.

Linen tees are light weight and super cute. I love a long tee with shorts or distressed jeans. Linen is light and breathable so perfect for a hot day, but the long sleeves are great for a chilly night.

I also collected a few of my favorite transition pieces for you. All work well in both seasons and can be changed with different shoes or adding a layer. Enjoy!


transitions by mcainmoss featuring a pleated skirt

one / two / three
four / five 

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