Happy Monday! Another week and the beginning of the end of summer. 

Wow, way to be depressing eh?

Any who, I had a pretty chill weekend which isn't always bad. We have had a few really bust weekends so a little time to decompress was welcomed. 

D left town on Friday for the weekend to camp. I hate camping so I stayed at home. Friday night was relax night. I got home after work, made dinner and sat around all night. I did have an epic marathon of Dexter and mad cuddle time with the pups. Riggsy is a champion cuddler. Eva will cuddle sparingly. 

Saturday I really struggled to get out of bed, which is weird because I went to bed relatively early. My only plan for Saturday was to hit the gym and maybe do some light cleaning.  I finally rolled my old bones out of bed around 10:00 and got to the gym around 10:30. I had to run to my parents because I left my curling iron there last weekend. My mom called and asked me to pick up my sister first as her car broke down. I went to get her and we had to make a quick Target stop. I stayed in the car with  my niece and we played with snapchat (user:mcainmoss)and it was epic. If you did not see it you missed out. We got to my parents and I hung out there for a bit. My sister and I decided to hang out for the day. We hit up the mall for a bit then back to her place for some dinner. We put on Shrek the Musical and my niece was enthralled. Probably too much as she would not go to bed. She was really good though at one point she was running in circles around the couch. It was pretty funny.

Sunday I woke up a bit early to head to my favorite donut shop Bogart's Doughnut Co. They only make so many and basically sell out every day around 11:30 AM so I had to go early. I checked their twitter for inventory before I headed out and to my surprise they had a butter beer flavored donut in honor of Harry Potter's birthday. Um, yes please. I scooted down there and luckily they still had a bunch left. I tried to order coffee but I guess their pipes needed work so they could not make any. No worries, I will just head up to Spyhouse Coffee and get my favorite coffee there :) I headed home to enjoy them and the donut changed my life. No joke. Spent the rest of the day on the couch with the pups and D. Pretty great Sunday.

This weekend I finally got my Sigma mat. I bought it while looking at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was going to get the combo of the mat and brush but it sold out before I could grab it. Everyone that I read said this was the go-to item for cleaning your make up brushes. I must admit, I am pretty terrible at it. I am one of those people who love things that are clean, but hates cleaning. I really don't clean my brushes. That's bad, right? Well sue me. Anyway, no more! I turned over a new leaf with this purchase. I tried it out this weekend and so far so good. I had to reach out to my go-to beauty gal Candice (She's Leaning In) and she told me how to make a cleaner at home. I won't share it here as she may want to share some day. I dipped my brushes in a little cleaner and ran through with water while I rubbed the brushes along the assigned textures. Each spot has a label for the type of brush you are cleaning. This is good for a laymen like me. I'll be honest, it was kind of gross how much make up came off the brushes. Although I do not know what else I expected. Overall I am really happy with this. It is a such an easy process. The mat suction cups to your sink so it does not slip around while you are cleaning and helps keep hold of some water. It is easy to clean too with a little soap it looks brand new. If you do not already have this go get it. Easiest way to keep your beauty tools clean!

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat| Nordstrom, $25

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