This post has been a long time coming. Candice ( a la She's Leaning In) has been on my case for some time to get a blue lipstick. She really loves this trend and wants me to get on board. Also she did me a big favor a while ago and me getting blue lipstick was payment.

When it comes to beauty I am not a huge risk taker. I recognize this does not make a bunch of sense as make is not permanent, I mean just take it off if it looks bad right? I just don't like to buy things I likely won't use. She sent me several blue lipsticks over the past couple of months but they were all in the $20 range and I just could not commit to that. When Maybelline released a couple of blue lipsticks, it was time to make good on my promise. 

I bought the color Sapphire Siren as I thought it would be the best blue shade for me. As far as drugstore lipsticks go it's pretty good. The downside of a drugstore lipstick is staying power. As far as pigment goes it does the trick. For a dark shade I like to put at least two coats. You have to be careful with application of dark lipstick as can easily go outside the lines for lack of a better term.

Overall I really liked the color and if you are like me and not ready to make the full leap, the $5.59 price tag is right up your alley. I am also currently it the midst of going from redhead to blonde and I think it will look so much better with blonde hair. 

Lipstick| Maybelline Color Sensational , Sapphire Siren

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