I almost hate to say this. I know I will regret it as soon as I do. I also know people, especially fellow Minnesotans, will shame me for it. Alas, it needs to be said.

I am just about over summer.

(pause for yelling)

Ok, I feel better now. I don't exactly want to wish summer away and I certainly don't want winter to come (unless it's Game of Thrones in which case, hurry up already!) The heat and humidity around here has been dragging on and on. It's not even fun. We have to hole up with the A/C blasted we can't even enjoy it. Plus, now it's August so we know fall is around the corner. This means back to full time office work, which requires and office wardrobe. Not that I have not been dressing appropriately, just more ready for a chilly office ya know?

That being said, I do not want to shop for summer clothes anymore. I got my eye on fall, well pre-fall anyway. I am on a tight budget these days so I have to create a wishlist and purchase as I can. I updated  my wishlist page in full the other day  with a bunch of new adds. These, however, are my top five. I am super obsessed with this metallic tee, almost as obsessed as I am with this $26 price tag. This is not normally my style, but I am envisioning with my ripped black jeans and a pointed boot. I am so in. The lace up trend is still hot and this top from Banana Republic is work appropriate. I love the henley fabric and thick strings. The BB Dakota leather jacket I have been coveting for some time. For me, fall is the time of leather and this screams out to me "buy me! buy me!" Am I the only one who hears it? I have been wanting a pair of mule slides for a bit but couldn't find the best pair. These are sleek and I like the oxford style front. Last but not least are these slouchy boots. I believe we are going to see a lot of this olive green this fall and I am in. I love colors that go with black and brown, makes them more versatile. These will be mine.

Pre Fall

Pre Fall by mcainmoss featuring strap sandals

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