Welcome to another Monday. The last one of true summer time. Even though the first day of Fall is not until September sometime I always feel Labor Day more accurately reflects the end of Summer. School starting will always be the beginning of Fall for me. 

This weekend was a really busy one and a chilly, unseasonably so. It did give me an opportunity to explore with some early Fall temperatures some new styles, which will be coming to the blog soon. 

Friday D and I had originally planned to watch one of his college friend's fight in MMA but he got off of work too late we did not make it. D was pretty bummed about it and I knew he did not want to sit in all night. Eventually we decided to go sit on a patio someplace. It was low 70s high 60s and a gorgeous night to be outside. We started out at local Northeast Minneapolis haunt Psycho Suzi's, which is always a fun and campy delight. They have one of the best and biggest patios in Northeast and right on the river. We weren't super hungry so we ordered some appetizers and drinks. After some time it got buggy so we headed to Suzi's sister bar and restaurant Betty Danger's Country Club just up the road. I love Betty's because they have a ferris wheel and have the best appetizers. We hung out until we got too tired and headed home. We are old so that time was early and I won't tell you when it was. 

Saturday was a bit of a slower day. We got up and hit the gym and did a little grocery shopping. D went to help my parents move some stuff so I went down to Primp to check out their anniversary sale. This time they had sale items at all locations so I went to the St. Louis Park location, which unfortunately was a bit of a bust for me. I headed home and then D and I met my parents for dinner at Pizzeria Pezzo in White Bear Lake. They truly have amazing pizza and I definitely over ate. After we went to a bar called The Alchemist that has craft cocktails that are hit or miss. Either amazing or undrinkable. We sat at this weird table under a red light and part of the table was held up by a cast iron chain. If you are ever in the area, I recommend it.

I also got these mule booties and I wore them out on Saturday. I am obsessed. Coming to the blog soon!

Sunday we had hoped to have friends over for the Vikings preseason game but they were unable to come. We made a big lunch, one of my favorites, of Italian sausage sandwiches. By we I mean D made them, I am useless. I did make the salad. Best part of this dinner is that it serves as lunch for days :) We watched the Vikings lead to victory in their new stadium, celebrated, then ran some errands. We might need to buy carpet so we went to Home Depot to price some things out. Then we went to a home store to get some frames to finally finish off the living room. One of these days we'll get a room fully finished and I can show you all. We ended Sunday by binge watching the new Netflix only show Stranger Things, which we started on Friday. It is only eight episodes so an easy weekend binge and 100% worth it. If you are even remotely into science fiction this is your new show. You will not be disappointed. 

I just thought this was amazing.

This weekend with the cooler temps I lived in my leather jacket and leather vest. Leather jackets go hand in hand with Fall for me. Definitely in my top five favorite Fall accessories. I decided to wrangle up a few of my favorites for you all I am more partial to the moto style, but occasionally veer more toward a blazer. The bomber style is making its way in this Fall too as well as the more casual look with a hood. What's your favorite?


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