Staying fit in the summer is muy importante to me. Not alway as important as pizza, but pretty important. Part of what makes exercise fun is the fun clothes, go figure. Problem is most work out clothes are really expensive. Sometimes they are definitely worth it, GapFit for example, but sometimes they are just pricey like Lululemon. Don't kill me for that one, but no way is any work out gear worth what they are charging. In the past I have tried to buy the pants at places like Gap where the material is solid but breathable. They don't move all around and fit just right. I would typically buy my tops at Target and sports bras because they were inexpensive and the quality did not matter as much to me. The other day I was in Target, one of my three times that week, and I passed by their workout section. They have seriously upped their game this way. I was caught immediately by the burgundy and black capris. The black part has a moto texturing, which immediately had my heart. They have a large variety now of shapes, colors and patterns that definitely appeal to me. Then I thought 'sharing is caring.' I grabbed a few of my favorites for you all. 

Target work out

Target work out by mcainmoss featuring pants

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven

What are your favorites?

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