Lately, I have been trying to stick to a budget. Not fun, right? Well it's not, but it has forced me to fall in love with some oldies but goodies. 

I kind of have Fall on the brain. Although the days are still pretty hot, the nights are cooling off and the first round of Fall clothes is making it's way into the stores. So similar to transitioning  my clothes like I talked about on Monday, I am doing the same with my make up.

To start with this MAC eyeshadow. If you don't own a MAC shadow, go get one and I will wait.


Done? Ok.  So this color is Bronze. I love this color. I like browns for my every day look. Every once in a while I will mix it up, but too much can look silly where I work. This brown is a beautiful warm hue. I like to use it in my crease or all over  my lid for a bit of drama. The bronze color works well for warm golden tones in the summer or if you add a darker brown for Fall. 

Same goes for this MAC Viva La Glam lipstick. It is a little dark for Summer. You can get away with it more at night or a very neutral eye. It is kind of a mauve-like dark pink. The darker pink reads more Fall to me so I have been wearing it non-stop. Plus it is more of a matte finish so it stays all day. 

This Laura Gellar blush I got in a Birchbox and am obsessed with it. The golden tones definitely feel more Summer, but in this transition time you can still get away with it. You almost don't even need a highlighter with it. It might be a little sunkissed for later into Fall, but can pull it off through September. 

The BB Cream I bought on a bit of an impulse. I like L'Oreal's face products. I needed something to add a bit more foundation under my powder. I originally bought the one that talked about brightening and it was a fail. I looked orange. This one is based on skin tone and I love it. It goes on easy and light. I like to stay away from liquids because it makes my skin look more oily. This comes out in a liquid and goes on like a powder. Adds just enough color. 

Lastly, I have this thick pencil liner. I bought it a long time ago with the promise of creating a cat eye. Unfortunately I still can't do it, but that is user error. I love this pencil because it goes on smooth and I can easily create a thicker or thinner line as desired. I am loving this again. 

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What do you think? You have an oldie but goodie favorites? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear about them!

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