Happy Friday! I am ready for this week to be over. It has been a long and busy week and ready for the break. I have the day off today so I am going to do a few things and enjoy a three day weekend. Lots to talk about this week though so let's get started with my H54F.


On Wednesday this week D, my dad and myself went to see Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds at local venue Turf Club. It was D's first time but my dad and I have gone a couple other times. Sister Sparrow is a rockabiliy, funk, brass sound machine. Seriously, there are like seven of them and the lead singer has a powerhouse voice. They were so awesome and I was in awe of their talent and energy. They played for a solid hour and an half. We had to leave right after though because the show ended at 11:30 on a school night ;)


My dog Riggs has been particularly difficult this week. Not only is he having some leg pain and basically being allergic to grass, but he has been cranky about it. This week each morning I got a bit of a late start so he took that opportunity to crash on the bed all morning. Usually when we get up so does he. But I got up , ate breakfast and got ready and he stayed put. Did not move until I told him it was time to go outside. Weirdo.


I have been trying to eat better. Emphasis on trying. This week was a bit of wash unfortunately, but I am finally feeling like I am reducing my cravings for the bad foods. Case in point, this semi-healthy dinner D made. Fried chicken, breaded himself, southwestern veggies, and cucumbers. So yummy and oddly refreshing.


Urban Decay's Naked palettes are the subject of most beauty girls dreams. Last week I got word that Sephora was selling the smoky palette for a cool $27! Normally is $54. I promptly text my go-to, She's Leaning In, and her word was buy it. So I did. It is magic. 

I got my fifth Rocksbox some time ago and I needed some time to think about it before posting.  I have to admit, I am thinking of discontinuing just because of the cost, but I am not ready to part just yet.  Let's review, shall we?

This ring is pretty but not my style. The blueish rock in the center is too vibrant a hue for most of my wardrobe. I really love ring and maybe if it was a different color I could be down, but this blue is really throwing me off.  I wore it maybe twice and it goes back.
Buy here


I was really hopeful I would like this. I truly love House of Harlow. The style is totally in my wheelhouse. This was a bit lackluster. The pendant weighted literally almost nothing. I don't know, I just like my jewelry to have a little ummph behind it. It's also a little dainty for a pendant. I like a pendant to be more substantial in size. Unfortunately this was a no for me.
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These were the rockstars of this box. I love an ear crawler in the first place and these were epic. The jewels were really sparkly. It is hard to see in this shot but they really shine. They also basically go with everything so I wore them constantly. I really debated purchasing these, but my budget would not allow for it. 
Buy here

There ya have it. What do you think of my assessment?  Would have chosen differently? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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