Little baby update. This week has had some rougher moments. I was really alone with her basically all week. On Tuesday she was really upset basically all day. Usually I feed her in the morning  and she passes out for a while. Well....not the case that day. She basically screamed all morning before passing out several hours later. She took a brief nap and then was up screaming again. I had to make D come home early and skip the gym because I need a 'tap out' as we are calling it. Wednesday was slightly better but we are still adjusting to her schedule and reading her needs. Sometimes it seems she just needs to cry, which is where it gets harder. On Wednesday she took her first #2 that went up her back. Not so cute. She needed a bath. Thankfully this happened in the evening when D was home so we were able to handle it together. Still working it out.

On Tuesday during the brief moment she was napping I decided to do a little workout. The doctor said I could not do anything for two weeks and I didn't. However, on Tuesday after dealing with a screaming infant all morning I needed a reprieve. Exercise helps me get my head on straight on tough days so I broke with recommendations and did a little cardio DVD. Shhhh...don't tell my doctor. It felt great though! I  did not lose a lot of strength and just took it as slow as I needed to. I will probably start easing my way back into it. Anyone else feel this way about exercise? It's good for my mental and physical health.

On Wednesday Reese and I made our way to the mall. I needed some eyeshadow for St. Patrick's Day. I also had a giftcard for the Gap and the mall one is bigger than the one closest to me. It took a long time to get us there by the time I was able to shower, get ready, pump and then feed her. We didn't get rolling until probably 2:30 PM. She made it about 1.5 hours before getting fussy and we had to go. Positive side is she likes the stroller. I think it's the movement. It was also nice to get out of the house for just a bit.

Today is St. Patrick's Day and one of my favorite days of the year! I have gone out to celebrate every year since I was 21, even the two years we were in Chicago we managed to come back for it. St. Paul is far superior to Minneapolis' celebration and our group has grown pretty large. It is a mix of friends, family and my dad and his buddies. My dad has marched in the parade for as long as I can remember and we have piggybacked on his tradition. This my post from two years ago and is basically my staple look.  We have an amazing time and party all day. Follow along on instagram I am sure I will be sharing the day!


Every year I have my St. Patty's Day get up. It has not changed in a few years but I bought a couple new items this year because I was not sure about my body post baby. For those of you out celebrating today I gathered a few fun items for you. On the left are for you out celebrating the day, on the right for those of you stuck at work ;)  Share your green! Everyone is Irish today!!

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day by mcainmoss featuring a green top

one / two / three / four
five / six / seven

What do you think? Anyone else out celebrating St. Patrick's Day? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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