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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fairly busy weekend actually and Fall was out in full force. I am officially in autumn mode and I am ready for it! I am done with the bright colors and pretending that I can still wear sandals. Bring on boots, earth tones and sweaters!

One of the events I did this weekend was the Minneapolis Bloggers meet up.  This group of local bloggers and influencers meets up once a month and each session has a different topic. I always leave feeling inspired This month's topic was on self-doubt and mental health in blogging. The two speakers Vanessa McDuffie and Adriana Velez are both local blogging about fashion, lifestyle and mental health. They were both captivating and powerful speakers. Treading the line between vulnerability and being really funny. The other awesome thing about this meet up is that it ended up being a bit smaller. I actually felt it served the conversation well. It became more of an open conversation than two speakers just talking at an audience. It became a more open talk, that I felt was really helpful. Everyone had a story of self-doubt and almost everyone had some strategies for coping. I think I say this everytime, but it was one of my more favorite events. I have said this before, but if you are local, definitely get involved!

photo cred: Claudia Carmargo

photo cred: Claudia Carmargo

photo cred: Claudia Carmargo

photo cred: Claudia Carmargo

photo cred: Claudia Carmargo

I did a bunch of other stuff this weekend, like to celebrate my sister's and husband's birthday with my family and we took Reese to an apple orchard. Some of which I will talk about later. I can show you a few fun photos from our orchard day. When we had Reese all I have been looking forward to is bringing her to all the places I loved as a kid. Last year she was too young, not even walking yet. This was the first time we could go. As I hoped, she loved it. Apple trees are smaller than I remember, just at her height to pick a few. She was also able to run around to have some freedom, but the ground was fairly uneven so she couldn't get far. D grabbed an apple and took and bite, then Reese grabbed another apple and took a bite. She snacked on it the rest of the time. It was so cute. We road on a wagon and pet some goats. A lot of people brought their dogs too and she screamed "PUPPY" probably 100 times. We had to be careful so she wouldn't hug attack one. All in all a successful day.

To the blogger event, I wore this skirt I bought at Loft a few weeks ago but hadn't found a way to wear it yet.  I was really excited for this event because it was the perfect excuse to wear it. I was so proud of myself. Turns out when I got there, one of my blog friends was wearing it too::head slap:: We had a good laugh about it and we took a photo so show different ways to style it. For me, I paired it with this green tank I got from Target's new Prologue line. I am happy to report the quality is amazing. This line is so modern and chic, for all you minimalists out there this is the line for you. I wanted to pair with some ankle boots but I didn't have anything I thought would work. Instead, I wore my favorite OTK boots. It was a chilly day so it was perfect! I also layered over this long, duster style cardigan because it was too cold not to. It's so comfy and hands down my favorite cardigan right now. Bonus: this skirt is 50% off with the code SURPRISE right now! The softest leather feel and so versatile for fall!

What do you think? How would you style it? Leave me a comment below!

Skirt| Loft
Top| Target
Cardigan| Target
Shoes| Marc Fisher (similar / similar)
Purse| Michael Kors (similar / similar)

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