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Workwear is an ongoing shifting style for me. When I was in college I worked in an office and had to wear business casual. This meant dress pants and only jeans on Fridays. It some ways it was kind of a pain because I essentially needed two closets. In Graduate school and my first job out of graduate school was casual settings. Jeans and tee-shirts were acceptable. Technically, I am still in a casual setting but I am learning some things about how much dressing for work matters to me.

At my current job, I can dress very casually. The only real rules are about the obvious things, like don't wear an off the shoulder top. The first year or so I kept up with that. My work wardrobe and leisure wardrobe were essentially the same. This became problematic for me in a lot of ways. I had a hard time separating work from home, my job is hard to do that anyway, and I often meet people coming from professional environments and getting them to take me seriously was also a challenge.

After having my daughter I made the shift to a more professional look. The trick is not looking overdressed for work in that environment. I don't want to be a distraction either. My go-to outfit is a black pant and some chic blouse. Typically tops I wouldn't wear elsewhere or outside of work. I am a big believer in 'dressing the part.' When I am at work, I want to dress like a professional. It puts me in the mindset for work and helps me focus. It also gives me the confidence I need to deal with the challenges that inevitably come my way at work. My work style is constantly evolving so from time to time I will share it with you all.

This look I got half of it from the Nordstrom sale. The top and mules are both from Nordstrom. You have seen these shoes before, I love them and wear them constantly. A completely professional, yet on-trend shoe. This looks super chic with any pant you may have in your closet. I particularly like it with an ankle pant. This top is, I am just gonna say it, phenomenal. I love a wrap top or dress. It's no secret that this is just a flattering silhouette for any shape. It just makes it look like the outfit was made for you.I don't own a lot of green, but this muted green really stuck out to me. I thought the pattern was beautiful and something I have not seen much. I also like a funky sleeve so this was a done deal for me. P.S. this top is on sale! So snag it while it lasts. 

Top| Nordstrom
Pants| Gap
Shoes| Nordstrom (similar / similar)
Bag| Melie Bianco (similar / similar)

What do you think? What is your go-to workwear?

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