If you haven't already, go back and read our first two days itinerary post, we saw so many amazing things. Our last two days were a little quieter, which was kind of nice. There is so much to see in Iceland it's a bit overwhelming and in only a few short days we tried to hit the highlights.

On day three we woke up and stopped at our favorite little coffee place. It was really cute, coffee and pastries were good. Also,it was pretty much right off the main road we took each day so it was super convenient.

Day three had weather that we expected from Iceland. It was cold, windy and rainy most of the day. On recommendation, we took a drive up to the Snaefellsness Peninsula. We heard it was a beautiful drive culminating with a cute little town. Unfortunately, the weather was not good so the view couldn't be fully appreciated. You could tell though with a little less rain how gorgeous it would have been. We were essentially driving up the coast, zig-zagging across the water. At one point we were in a tunnel that went underwater (Hvalfjörður tunnel) that was 18,930 feet long and it reaches a depth of 541 feet below sea level. 

Eventually, we reached Kirkjufell and the waterfalls. This is also commonly known as the Witch's Hat. It is thought of as the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland because of its shape. It was in Game of Thrones, which is all I needed to know. It's interesting that from a different angle it looks nothing like this. The weather was hot garbage (or cold garbage) this day so we ran and took a picture quick but didn't walk around much. There was a small waterfall behind it too. We walked around there but the rain and wind was so bad we had to get back in the car. On a nice day, it would have been green and lush would definitely be worth the drive.  

After we headed up to this little town Port Arnarstapi. It really reminded me of what I imagine Norway to look like. In warmer temperatures, they had a boat that goes out into the ocean for tours and fishing. A few cute restaurants and this big overlook. We walked up a few stairs and got to see the whole town and out into ocean. What we didn't bank on is that Iceland is very Christian and lots of things are closed or have very limited hours on Sunday. We thought maybe we'd stop for a bite but were running out of time. We grabbed a little sandwich at a shop and kept rolling.

Our last stop of the day was the infamous Blue Lagoon. This is one of the biggest things I was looking forward to. We really debated doing it first or last. We ultimately decided to do it last as a relaxing last full day activity. In Iceland, you kind of roll the dice with the weather. Had we gone right away we would have had a beautiful day, but then on some of the site seeing days we wouldn't have gotten the views we did. What I didn't realize until we were planning is this is a full-service spa. You can order drinks and get other spa treatments. The lowest option was for 1 drink and a couple of hours in the lagoon. The weather was seemingly worse at this point in the day. It was so windy and rainy unfortunately it wasn't as relaxing as I hoped. We made the best of it with a drink and a funny face mask. If nothing else it was worth seeing because it's definitely one of the major highlights. The blue water is pretty gorgeous and hard to beat. 

For our last night we went to this food hall Hlemmur that we had walked past half a dozen times in our couple of days. Inside were several different types of food and drink. Every day we were there it was packed to the gills. I suspect that it was a Sunday night it was easier to get in. We dined on some pretty good pizza and tacos and a little beer. All in all a great last night. 

Our last official day we walked around Reykavik for a bit. Before our trip my dad kept joking about these two places to see. I was all "yea yea, whatever Dad." One of them was the Reagan-Gorbachev house where they met to discuss the end of the Cold War.  I googled it's whereabouts when we got there just to see, and it turns out it was literally a stones throw from our airbnb so of course, we stopped by. 

We also drove around to see Hallsgrimskirkja. You had to pay for a tour and we didn't have the time but it was so impressive. Incredibly tall and had a Leif Erickson statute, which coming from Minnesota and living in Duluth it felt very homey. 

We stopped to grab a little lunch and enjoy the view on Laugavegur street. Lots of shopping we picked up a few things for us and for our family. I really enjoyed how beautiful this street was and all the gorgeous colors. So many beautiful murals everywhere too. AND you can see the ocean. I don't know how many times I can say how beautiful this place was but it was. Everyone should go to Iceland. Seriously, go....now! :) 

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