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Everyone celebrates Valentine's Day a little differently. Either with a fancy dinner or not at all. For my husband and I, it's pretty chill. We haven't done a dinner in years and at most maybe we do a card. I like to be with him that day at least. I like to dress up and honor the day either way. Maybe I'm the only one, but I loves it. It doesn't mean I wear "Valentine" on my shirt, but I like to pay homage or at least wear red or pink. One of the few days a year I go with a bold color.

I found this FRIENDS homage shirt about who your lobster is, and I knew it was for me. I'm a huge fan of the show and this quote is perfect for Valentine's Day and my speed. I paired it with my Chuck Taylor's that I thought matched color wise. I did find these super cute earrings to jazz it up a bit. The exact ones weren't online but I just bought them so they are probably in store.

I perused a few shops to find some items still in store for you casual Valentine's folks. A couple cute tees, some earrings and you are good to go!

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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