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I know I am not alone in this but the journey to find a good bra. It's definitely one of those items like jeans that are really hard to find what fits right. Some things like a tee-shirt don't have to have the perfect fit, but if a bra doesn't fit it's just so uncomfortable. 

For years I shopped mostly at Victoria's Secret, back when their prices weren't totally outrageous and push up was all the rage. At times I tried other places like Gap or trying to get by with an option from Target. For a while, VS worked pretty well but over time their prices increased while the product seemed to get worse. Who needs a bra with so much padding your basically not in the bra and they are bedazzled jewels on it? Not me. How about a bra with a band so tight it feels like a corset? Nah? Me neither. Particularly after having my daughter, fit problems just escalated. I have been wearing varying degrees of ill-fitting bras ever since. 

I have seen so many ads for online companies and if I'm honest I was skeptical. Without being able to try on, I wasn't sure it was worth the hassle. However, I had heard a lot of good reviews about ThirdLove so I thought I'd give it a try. They seemed to have a good return policy so it felt like a good option. I started scanning the site a couple of weeks ago and was a bit overwhelmed by the choices. I wasn't sure where to start. Thankfully they have a fit finder. Not only do they help you find the right size (I have no idea what size I am anymore) but they recommend which bra would be best. The fit finder takes a guess on your size based on your current bra you use asking things like how does the band fit, straps, cup sizes etc. It also asks what type of fit you want in a bra. Oh also the cups come in half sizes! Hallelujah because I have felt in between sizes for a while. 

Turns out I was right. The FitFinder recommended a 34 B 1/2 in their Classic T-Shirt Bra. The T-Shirt bra is one of their best selling options. I put it on, I swear to you, it fit like a glove. I really am impressed how well it fit with just an online quiz to figure it out. I opted for a nude bra so it's flexible, but now I want more colors. I need to check too if they have a strapless, with summer upon us I'll be in desperate need of one. They do also have some lace options, and more bralette type options. If you're looking for a new bra check them out and let me know what you think!

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