Hello and welcome to My Monochromatic Life! I am happy to start this new venture of being a "blogger" for whatever that means. I started this blog because I was looking for a new challenge in life. Call it a quarter life crisis, call it boredom, call it an attention disorder all works and is fine by me :) I find myself on the computer killing time most nights and decided this would be a more fun and productive way to spend my free time. I was truly inspired by other bloggers who either simply share their expertise, fashion sense, or life with their readers. The ability to connect with people is often difficult to calculate and even harder without the nuance of conversation. I am hopeful that I can build a connection with my readers  in the same way the inspirational bloggers have succeeded.

My intention is to share the fun and interesting things with you including fashion, make up, local restaurants, activities and home decor. I am someone who also tends to process out loud and I suspect the events of my life will end up in this blog as well. My hope is to create an open dialogue with readers in where I can learn from you too. Lately I have been venturing out and trying new things. I so enjoy passing along information I have learned to other people and learning from people in return. I look forward to going on this new adventure with you. I also have an instagram account @mymonochromaticlife so be sure to check it out! I hope you can forgive the occasional <!--more typo or misstep while I work out the bugs as you get to know my monochromatic life.

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