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Hard to believe it's 2020. I still remember the new year for 2000, or Y2K as we called it then and that was a big deal. Now 20 years later we're in a decade that felt like a Jetson's style future and it's a little trippy. The New Year always brings a time for reflection, but especially when you enter a new milestone, like a decade, it's an especially poignant time to take a look at the retrospectroscope.

Ok so be prepared for a bit of a longer post. You may have noticed in the last month or so I have pulled way back from posting on the blog and on instagram. I have been talking a bit about wanting to make some changes around here. I gotta be honest, I look at my social media and it's a little tiring at times to see the same things day after day after day. The rat race of just trying to post content, any content is exhausting. When I started blogging years ago as a hobby, which I had no idea what I was doing, there really wasn't the rewardstyle platform. At least not available to most people. If you wanted to have clickable sales it had to be done through your blog. Most people were posting their favorite looks and snippets from their life. That's what I was doing too, but things have changed. Just outfit posts on the blog seem redundant now with how the platforms have changed. Yet I was, am, still doing it and I've decided this needs to change.

For multiple reasons, I am needing a change. Trying to post three times a week, maintain a full-time job and manage my two (almost three) year old is just not reasonable. I also am just frankly feeling bored. I like the clothes I am posting but when I think about outfit post after outfit post I think, :yawn: If I feel that way, I gotta imagine others are as well. I have to find a way to be more creative and innovative for you and for myself. So times they are a-changin'

I've decided to change how I utilize both platforms. I will try to post on Instagram more regularly, sharing some of my favorite finds and how I put things together. On the blog, there will be less of that. I intend to use my blog page for more longer-form items like sales posts, product reviews, Stitch Fix/Rocksbox posts and the like. I think the blog is a better format for these items. I may venture into some more home type stuff as well. As we approach half a year in our new home I'm ready for a few changes to make it feel more like ours.

Basically, I am ready for this blog to feel more like me too. I started writing like everyone else, using styles they were using to try to get the engagement I need. What I need to do is trust myself more. Trust that who I am and what I do has inherent value, even if that doesn't come with 10,000 instagram followers. Although I admit that would be nice. But see, therein lies the struggle right? How do I trust that what I do brings value when that value isn't demonstrated quantitatively? I guess I'll use a different measure for my value. I guess that's a work in progress.

I hope you stick along for that ride, and hopefully some positive change in 2020

Top| Vici
Pants| Levi's
Necklace| Anthropologie
Earrings| Kate Spade

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