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Have I told you lately, I love Rocksbox? I mean, for real, have I? Well I do. New jewelry pieces to try each month? As Ms. Spears says "gimme more" This was my birthday month so I was looking for some fun pieces to potentially wear out on my birthday. I wanted to be a little adventurous versus building my everyday collection. I don't get to go out much and get all glam so why not try something new right? I opted again to trade out a few pieces , which is honestly my favorite thing. I can ensure the perfect box for me this way and I like a guarantee ;)

The first piece was this cuff. The picture doesn't do it justice but it's actually more gold, and yes it's a snake. I told you I wanted edgy. I has the green little eyes and everything. I thought this was fun and way outside my comfort zone, which is exactly what I wanted. I feel kind of cool when I wear it, like I'm transported to a different type of person and I enjoy that in accessories. The downside is the metal doesn't have a lot of give and getting it on and off is kind of a pain. It was fun while it lasted!

This piece I was most excited about. By now I am sure you know how much I love a ring. This one I liked because I thought it mimicked the bracelet and that would be a fun twist. A little bling doesn't hurt either. This ring fits really well and even though it's sparkly I have worn it during it the day, although I maybe extra like that. This is a fun option and it might be my favorite piece in this set. Super lightweight, I forget I'm wearing it some times. I might need to keep this one. 

My last piece was a choker. Another example of my wanting to try something new. I haven't worn a choker in years, I can't even think how many years. When I requested this set I wasn't sure what I was going to wear for my birthday and thought this would be a good option. I ended up wearing a shirt where this didn't work so I didn't use it. It's a little simpler in person than I thought it would be so I think it would be better in the summer months. 

That's my whole set! Which piece(s) should I keep do you think? Have you gotten a Rocksbox yet? Use my code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for your first month free!!

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