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I know I am constantly talking about how much I love Rocksbox, but this one you guys...this might be my favorite of all time. I honestly don't know how to not buy all three pieces. I really love this service. I like that someone picks some things for me but I get a chance to edit it. A control freak like me? The perfect service option. I definitely picked a lot of these myself, and I loooooves it. 

These days I've been sticking mainly with studs. Being that I work from home, a big, fun earring just seems kind of silly. I also haven't been wearing my second piercing for a while so this pack feels like the perfect 1-2 punch. The smaller black and gold stud works great for the second piercing. On the rare occasion, I have worn a more statement piece this goes with everything. The white and gold one is a little bigger an a bit of a drop, so it's not crowded on the ear. I'm obsessed. 

I've been having a tough time finding some bracelets I love. I've been wanting something a little different. This piece is so cool! I love thing chain look of it. Super simple but bold at the same time. You don't need to layer it up or anything. I'm a simplistic gal that way. This might be my most favorite cuff I've received from them. 

I love this look too. It reminds me of one I got from Gorjana from a previous box. I like that it's simple, I'm always a fan of the negative space. I also like that it's a shape that's not associated with anything so it goes with everything. I could wear it literally with anything. A perfect go-to necklace

So which pieces should I keep? I can't decide! Have you tried Rocksbox yet? I can't recommend it more highly. Click here and use my code mymonochromaticliexoxo for your first box free!

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