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Anyone else looking for comfier undergarments now that we're all at home? I didn't notice how uncomfortable some of my bras and underwear were until I was sitting in the same stupid chair all day. You're more mindful of everything when you're stuck in the same place all the time. 

I was recently sent some pieces from True & Co to try out. I had seen a bit about them on social media but had never tried them before. When they arrived in the mail I realized that these were truly the softest pieces I had ever felt. I couldn't believe how soft they were. It's hardly like you are wearing anything at all. I was really surprised and excited to see how they fit and supported me. For me bras are like jeans, I need to try them on. I was concerned about sizing but thankfully they have a handy fit guide. I felt comfortable what would be sent to me would fit just right. They have a lot of great questions to ensure you get just the right one. Wanna see what I got? Let's do this.

Ok let's start off by saying I love this color. It's called "mink" but seems like a gray with a hint of mauve, if that makes any sense. Super comfortable material almost feels like you aren't wearing anything. It has some very lightly padded cups in it too, but you can take them out. They are really light like you find in some bathing suits. I am normally not about that, but in a bra I like a little shaping so I prefer them. This could be a great everyday bra because it has the adjustable straps. It's a bit of a scoop, but if your top is a scoop or V-neck you'll see it so I would only do it in the Winter or if I had a crew neck. I really liked this one and have worn it a bunch since being at home.

When I saw this I thought it was a great basic. I prefer a dark color underwear. I have a couple light colors for the rare occasion I wear a light jean or something like that, but mostly I prefer dark. I have to say it looked a little teeny, I'm a hipster gal myself. The sizing is XS-L on this one and it' insists it stretches. Well, that's true I can attest. What I don't love is that it moves around a lot while I am wearing it. I find myself adjusting it throughout the day. What I do love is it's super lightweight and lays flush to the skin. There is no way the lines would show. I would feel confident if I was wearing a bodycon dress or more fitted pants that you would not see it. I think if I had my druthers, I buy some of their hipster choices. 

The final piece is this racerback bra. This is the ultimate loungewear bra. Honestly, if I were more confident I'd probably just wear this and high waisted pants around the house. It's very full coverage. I'm not that busty so it essentially covers everything on me. I have some friends/family with fuller busts and I really think this would be perfect for them. This is my "house bra" as some of my friends might call it. Super supportive and crazy comfortable. Without and adjustable strap, the thicker strap doesn't dig into your shoulder like some do. Similar to the other it has some light padding that can be removed. Although I prefer to keep it as I said before. This one I love and would highly recommend.

Which item is your favorite? Have you tried True & Co before? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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