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Happy Monday all! I am going to try and get back into the swing of things this week. I needed the week off to try and settle some things down. I am going to be doing my best to stay on top of it, but honestly, this month is really insane workwise. Last week I got a lot done but there are a lot of things coming up that may take precedent. I hope you all can continue to be patient with me as I try to balance all things life.

Want me to catch you up with last week? I worked. And worked. And worked.

End of story.

Let's skip to the fun stuff shall we? Friday D went out of town for the fishing opener. My dad called me up a couple of days prior and asked if they could come over, which was totally fine by me otherwise I'd be all alone on a Friday. Boo. So my dad, mom, and older sister came over for dinner and to hang with us. We tried to order pizza from our favorite place but it was a nightmare. Put on hold without response and rude service. I was pretty ticked so we ended up ordering from somewhere else. Reese has also been starting to do the "stranger danger" thing. Even though she sees my family all the time she was really tentative around them and very clingy to me. Eventually, she warmed up but it took her a while. She gave them all kisses before she went to bed, which was like *heart melt* Like my family does, we congregate around the kitchen talking all things from politics to Kardashians. I got to watch the Minnesota Twins beat out the Angels so it was a good night.

Saturday was going to be a busy day. I am going to talk about this more in detail in a later post so I'll keep it short here. I was invited to a fashion show called Northern Vogue. My mother'-in-law was gracious enough to babysit for me. It showcased Minnesota Designers and boutiques. Some proceeds also benefitted Dress for Success, which is such an awesome cause. Long story short the show itself was gorgeous. I met up with a few ladies I have gotten to meet through blogging. It's always nice to see them, everyone I have met through this process has just been so lovely. It's always great to meet other cool ladies and realize just how many awesome women there are.  Here are a few sneak peaks.

Sunday was Mother's Day, as you all know. D was still up north so my sisters (and niece) and I took my mom out to lunch in Stillwater. If you aren't familiar Stillwater is a town right on the border of Wisconsin and is on a river. The main drag is full of antique shops, bars/restaurants and other fun businesses. It is a hotspot on a beautiful Sunday in the summer. People like to walk outside and motorcyclists frequent this route. My mom likes to antique shop so it was the perfect place to take her. It was absolutely a crazy day down there today so parking was a challenge. We had lunch at a buffet before heading out to walk around. Reese kind of was not having it at first, she was being shy again. She warmed up more quickly today though, having just seen them. After lunch, we wandered around a little bit shopping. It was honestly a beautiful day out too, could not have asked for a better one. I was lamenting in the morning that I do not have that many pictures with my mom so we made sure to get one with all of us before we left for the day. All in all a great mother's day. 

For my Mother's Day look this year I went a little different. Normally I try to dress a little brunch chic style. This year I thought about all these cute 'mom' graphic tees I did get this really awesome hat from Evereve on Saturday. At the end of the day I decided on this tee I bought from the preview of the Rebecca Minkoff pop up at Stephanie's in St. Paul. I love the messaging, as an unashamed feminist. What better day to celebrate than Mother's Day? Especially with having a daughter now, being surrounded by sisters and my other nieces. I think this is more important than ever.  This is the message I want to send to my daughter and I hope I can impart on her the way my mother did it to me. Maybe my mom was less heavy-handed (i.e. no 'girl power' shirts) but she lived it and continues to live it every day. I may be a bit more loud and proud but that's ok with me. I decided to style it with my favorite black jeans. I love the distressing on these and I thought the edginess matched the muscle tee cut of the top. I wasn't sure how warm it would be so I threw on my denim jacket over it. Reese wore one too so we matched a little bit. Lastly, these wedges from Target. I won't lie I saw another blogger friend wearing them and I love them so much. They match with black or brown and go with jeans, shorts and dresses. So versatile for summer. 

Tee | Stephanie's (same)
Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Jacket| Old (similar/ similar)

What do you think? How was your Mother's Day?

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