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Happy Spring Break! Or if it's not this week for you I hope it's soon. We are already half way through March, can you believe it? This month is flying by. Last year this time I was preparing for my Mexico trip with friends. This year, unfortunately, I am stuck at home. Le sigh. However, I am still deep in checking out swimsuit shopping mode. So many cute options. High waisted options and one piece options have moved out of the realm of matronly and into the future.

This is perfect timing for me. After having my daughter I don't know if I'll ever wear a regular two piece again. I work out and generally am pretty proud of my body, but I just don't feel as comfortable as I used to. For pants, I wear almost exclusively high waisted. Not only do I feel more comfortable but I think it creates that hourglass shape most women want. Now, I want to be careful here that I know I am not speaking for everyone or saying you need an hourglass shape to be womanly. All sizes are beautiful and I believe you wear what makes you feel good.

What makes me feel good is high waisted. I saw someone I know in a gorgeous high waisted suit and she told me it was from Amazon. This is really the first time I bought clothes from Amazon so I linked a few suits from them that I love. This tassel one I have seen around the blogosphere and I love it so much. I think the tassel and poms are just so fun! I also think this wrap one would be a flattering shape, plus vertical stripes hello! Target also had some great ones with some cute leopard options like this bandeau type top and high waisted bottom. Another place I love is American Eagle. They also use diverse models of ethnicities and size so you can see how the suit may look on you. You can also mix and match pieces. So you have a couple of options for bottoms like this high waisted ones with this super cute top!

four / five / six (top/bottom)
seven  (top/bottom)/ eight (top/bottom)/ nine

Which ones are your favorite? Where is your favorite place to shop for swimisuits?

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