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This post has been a long time in the making. I have been wanting this for a long time and finally, for my birthday my man bought these for me! I was so surprised he got these. To be fair I had it on my wishlist, but still I never thought he'd buy it. I also wanted to be sure I had enough time to use it before I gave an accurate review. This has been a big one in the blogosphere so I had to try it out for myself.

 First, if you aren't familiar what is so cool about this is the convertible base. The base of the item stays the same and has several different attachments to get the curl you want. I love this. This way you don't have to own several different types taking up all kinds of space. For this, I picked the cascading waves to get a beachier wave. I am always trying to get that look and I couldn't figure it out with your run of the mill curling iron.

Second, because this is a wand they send along a heat protectant glove. I found this to be really helpful initially. I haven't used a wand before so I kind of didn't know what my hands needed to do to make it work. I am a straightener and curling iron pro but this was new for me. The glove is like a thin winter glove so you have some dexterity but not a lot. It was really helpful at first so I could practice without fear of burning myself. As I went along I found it difficult because you can't feel for your hair. So especially in the back when you can't see you rely on touch to feel for the non-curled parts. Now I don't use the glove because I know what to do to not get burnt, but it's a good way to start.

The base has several heat settings. You just double click the button, the lights will blink and you can select your setting. I have medium thick hair and I use the third setting. More on that here. It's a little hot, but the second setting just isn't enough to set the curl for me. When I initially posted on my instastories about it T3 sent me a few videos including this one on how to use the waver. Here are a couple of my tips:

1. For thicker hair girls take smaller chunks. The girls in these videos always have just the most voluminous yet thin hair imaginable. I don't know those girls. I take maybe 1 inch chunks and I section my hair into three layers because of my cut. When I try to grab too much it never works. Smaller chunks and you need to have the hair lay flat or it will curl all weird.

2. It's hard to keep the hair wrapped around evenly and the hair wants to bunch up at the narrow end. What I do is have the barrel horizontal and wrap my hair around it, then I move it parallel to my head and I can kind scoot the hair down. Or you can pull the barrel up so the hair ends up more on the wide end. That way you can get the cascade you are really looking for. 

3. Practice and give yourself time. This is not the tool to use if you are in a rush. It takes time. If I am rushing I pull out my straightener and go to town. This took me a solid couple of weeks to really get the technique down. I was a little nervous at first it wouldn't work for me, but I kept at it and I love it now!

Long story short, I'm a fan! It's an expensive purchase but definitely worth the investment if you can afford it. 

Convertible base| T3 Micro
Cascading Waves| T3 Micro

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