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Hey all! So I was all prepared for another post and while I was looking I remembered Nordstrom was having their half yearly sale! So many good deals! I love Nordstrom, hands down my favorite department store. They have such a variety of items and prices.I can basically always find what I am looking for. 

By the time I was posting a lot had been picked through already. I made an effort at the time of this posting that items had multiple sizes before I included them for you. Keep in mind Nordstrom often restocks so if you see something you like keep watching for it. There is a solid chance it will show up again. Another thing I made an effort for was to add some plus size items. My friend asked me if I could include plus size, typically if they have it they include it. In an effort to be inclusive and to ensure all my readers can find something great for them I specifically added some pieces from plus size that I absolutely love! Happy shopping!

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