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Happy Friday! Hope you are all either off of work already or dashing out early for the long weekend.  This weekend I am headed out of town for my cousin's birthday and I cannot wait for a long weekend and much needed fun time! What are you up to this weekend?

Before I send you off I wanted to share my most recent Stitch Fix. Who else does Stitch Fix? I truly love it. I don't always keep everything, I only keep pieces I cannot live without, but I always get good stuff and it's a fun surprise each month. Ready? Let's go!

I am way into cuffs right now. If you saw my Rocksbox I got a great piece and this is another great addition. This reminds me too of the one I have from Target with the two thin wire pieces. The triangle shape is a unique silhouette. What sold me was the gemstone detail as well. Just feels so summery and although the weather around here isn't, I will be ready when the warm weather finally hits. I definitely kept this.

For this Fix I asked for less patterns. I was finding I have too many patterns. I have some pants with patterns and I needed some solid tops. This is very similar to the one I got in April, silky type material. It was pretty but for the time of year I wasn't looking for a long sleeve right now. But it's super comfy if you are looking for a good work piece.

Ok let's just admit it: My name is Meg and I'm a Madewell addict

Hi Meg..

Ok cool. These are amazing. High waisted so they'll go greaet with a cropped top or if you front knot a top. Just a fabulous silhouette. Remember it's high waist or bust for me, ha! I don't have a medium wash short so this was definitely a must. These came actually cuffed but I felt they were too short for me so I uncuffed them and now they are perfect. These fit like a glove and I just  think they are worth every penny! Definitely kept these too.

My stylist, who knows me personally, really encouraged me to keep this top. She said it was a bit of a stretch for me but that I should try it. I was really torn with this piece. I even asked my husband and he was torn too. I kind of felt it was a little too flowy and I debated if I could tuck it in or knot it. I liked that it has a double V in the front and back and the pattern is subtle enough. Great for a festival or day by the water. Ultimately it was a little too big and I couldn't exchange it so it went back.


This last piece I was torn on as well. I wanted something fun for my Chicago trip and I love me a jumpsuit. Generally, this would have been good for me. These cropped jumpsuits are good for summer and go great with sandals or a block heel. I also liked the faux wrap in the bust, always a flattering shape. I did think the pattern was a bit too busy and the fabric was kind of heavy so it was weighed down ultimately making it not that flattering. 
(similar / similar)

What do you think? Which pieces would you have kept? Leave me a comment below!

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