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It's Stitch Fix time! This is my favorite time of the month. I am always curious what might be in here and it's like Christmas. I love how personalized it is and some of my favorite pieces have come from here. Let's dive in shall we?

We all know I love Madewell. I just can't get over their style. The price point can be a lot at times, but the style is always on point. I saw this top and immediately fell in love. I am a big fan of a button up top. I think in general it's just a flatter shape. It can be appropriate for work if you button up a lot or a little less for the weekend. This shirt, in particular, has a great shape that you could just wear out, french tucked (a la Queer Eye) or you can tie it too. The colors are perfect too for Spring/Summer and I imagine wearing this with some high waist shorts eventually. This definitely is mine.

These were a bit of a risk. I have been flirting with trying some overalls but wasn't sure if it was my style or maybe I am too old. My stylist sent over these Madewell pair, which was a good place to start. In a lot of ways I loved these. These were a stretchy jean so super comfy and fit in all the right ways The pants went on with a zipper on the side instead of a button, which I thought was a good choice. In the end I sent them back. I think if I were younger this slimmer cut would be good. If I were going to buy overalls I would do a more relaxed fit. But these fit like a dream.


 This top had a lot of things I like. The deep, rich navy had me at "hello." Navy is probably my favorite color. The silky/satin fabric was flowy but surprisingly not clingy as they can sometimes be. I even liked the tie detail on the sleeve. In the end, I decided against it. I liked it but didn't love it.


When I initially saw this tote I thought I would be sending it back. I have a lot of bags. I test ran it to work one day and that was enough. It fits my laptop and cord, my planner, notebook, makeup bag and wallet comfortably. It's deceivingly big. It also has a shoulder strap, which I love. Allows me more hands if I have to run to the store or when I pick my daughter up from daycare. It seems sturdy enough and I like the canvas material. I kept this and I don't regret it!

The last item was this jumpsuit.! This fit like a glove, which with a jumpsuit can be hit or miss for me. I liked how flowy this was and was really figure flattering, cinching at the tiniest part of my waist. I also really liked the floral pattern on this. It's the kind I love that is floral but not like an old couch pattern, ya know? This would have been perfect for a wedding or Easter. I already have an Easter plan and no weddings soon so I sent it back. It was so cute though right?

There ya have it! Overall I would say this was a successful Fix. I am only keeping items now I can't live without, but easily could have found a way to work all of these into my closet. Which items were your favorite?

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