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Happy Monday all! Really hoping Spring will show itself this week. As you can see there is still some snow from our most recent storm last week. That's right.  A snowstorm in April. #onlyinMinnesota. But we make the best of a bad situation here, that's just what midwesterners do.

In that spirit, I didn't let a little cold and snow hold me down on Saturday. It Record Store Day, a day meant to support local record stores by getting people out and buying music. Surly Brewery  was having several local musicians come by and DJ for an hour or so to commemorate it. My dad and I saw two guys who were going to be there that we love so we made it out to support them. We were kind of hoping they would talk to the crowd but no dice. Either way, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

It was still a little chilly so I decided to re-work this look from Apricot Lane I posted about last week. That time I showed you a little styling with a wedge shoe and a little dressier. For a day at a brewhall, I wanted to make it more casual and maintain the hipper vibe of the neighborhood. It's right in the University of Minnesota area so gotta keep up with the cool kids ;) I put old my old bomber jacket I got two years ago from Stitch Fix that I love! So glad bombers are still in style, I haven't seen one I l love as much as this one before or since and it's a staple in my closet. I wasn't sure it would layer over this sweater but it's pretty light so it worked perfectly! I also paired it with the neutral Dr. School's sneakers that was in the cool colors vibe of the rest of the look. Plus they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn, no joke! I felt the need the lighten the color scheme and being that technically it's spring I thought this old fossil purse would be perfect. I love this bag, it has a flip top but it also zips so you're stuff is super secure.  You know how sometimes you put something on and you just feel cool? This outfit made me feel cool! Also, don't forget to use my code MEG20 at Apricot Lane in person or online to get 20% off!!

Sweater| Apricot Lane Use code MEG20 for 20% off
Jeans| Apricot Lane Use code MEG20 for 20% off
Bomber| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Shoes| DSW
Necklace| Anthropologie
Purse| Fossil (similar / similar)

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