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Ok, I think we have finally turned a corner here in Minnesota. Looks like Spring is here for real this time, hallelujah! We were put through the wringer this year and I am ready for it to finally warm up. I actually took these photos a while ago but then it got cold again so it didn't seem to make sense to post it. 

I actually got this jumpsuit for my birthday way back in January. Although I appreciated it, I obviously couldn't wear it until now. Thankfully it's still in stock. I love me a jumpsuit. It's hard to find a good one that is dressy enough for work but not over the top or too casual. I like a wide legged jumpsuit for this reason. This is the perfect option. First of all a stripe, hello! We all know I'm a big fan. I also like how they are more of a wrap around the bodice and change direction around the waist to create a flattering shape. I am generally shaped like a 2x4 so anything that creates the illusion of a shape I am down with. The other fun detail are the buttons on the side. The other thing I love so much is a big button. Can't get enough it. I can't explain it, it just is. I just think it adds a bit of dimension and draws the eye somewhere else. The last great piece is that it is more of a sleeveless. So totally appropriate for work in the summer. Or you can throw a jean jacket like I did, or a long cardigan over it for extra coverage.

I kept this pretty simple with these platform sandals. I like to keep it more casual in the summer. Less is more as it gets warmer I think. I like how the two stripes kind of mimic the stripe of the jumpsuit. Just add a couple quick pieces of jewelry and you are good to go!

Jumpsuit| Apricot Lane use code MEG20 for 20% off!
Shoes| DSW
Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)