By now you should know I love a good piece of jewelry. I have been partnering with Rockbox for a few months now and slowly but surely growing my collection. As we inch closer to summer I am looking for a few more delicate and casual pieces to add. I want things to dress up some cute tees and tanks, just little beautiful touches.

I have worn these basically every day since I got them. It's basically a four pack with two of the white and two of the black ones. The black ones are slightly smaller so I have been wearing them together. It's hard to see in this picture but they are three dimensional and I love a cool touch like that. You could easily wear them alone too or paired with another cool pice. I super love these and may need to keep them!

I used to have a lot of pendant necklaces, but over the years I leaned toward more delicate layering pieces. This one has me re-thinking. You can't see it here but it's adjustable too! It's like those bracelets that if you pull it will shorten or lengthen. It also has a cute little engraved detail on the front. It's pretty lightweight too, some pendants I have had are like carrying and ancient lock. I could see this working well with some dresses, which is pretty much how I exclusively wear these.

The last piece I got was this ring. I don't think I have kept a ring yet from them. I think this is a great option for summer. The little gems are like an opal stone so the colors are light and fun. It's also just a little sparkle which is great for warmer temps. I do not want to be super glam in the summer this is a perfect go-to for the warmer temps.

Which pieces are your favorite? Which one(s) should I keep? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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