Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great long weekend and had an opportunity to relax. We are officially in the holiday swing so it is a mad dash until whatever holiday you celebrate. I tried to take full advantage of the long weekend with a little mix of everything.

On Friday I put up my Christmas decorations. I always put my tree up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. My mom always did that and I honor that tradition. I also love my tree and want it up as long as possible (i.e. through my birthday in early January). The pups were adorable while I was putting up the tree. I found their Christmas outfits, a sweater and hat respectively, and put it on them while I decorated. Eva did not mind her sweater, but Riggs' hat kept falling off. They did sit still long enough for this picture. Friday night was spent relaxing with D and the pups and watching some TV before calling it quits early....cause we're old now. 

Saturday was a busy day. We woke up early to hit the gym quick before our plans for the day. Our nephew had a hockey game at 11:00 AM and we wanted to go see him play. It's the first year they are keeping score and actually assessing penalties, etc. We watched him before, but it's fun to see them start to play for real, with plays and formations. Gives you a chance to really cheer. My nephew also got an assist so that was cool too.

Afterwards we decided to grab lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, which was both a good and bad idea. It was so filling I needed a nap afterwards. We did manage to wrangle up some of our friends for a night in. It is rare that most of our close friends are all randomly available at the same time so we were kind of lucky. They came over and we chatted, played a couple of games and watched a movie. Well we attempted to watch a movie. Remember we are old? Two of us are pregnant so we did not make it all the through but it was fun nonetheless.

Sunday was another relaxed day. I slept in a bit and then tried to do some organizing for planning Christmas gifts, making my wishlist and sending out some communication long over due. Eventually I got myself in gear for a little yoga and then a little shopping. Picked up a couple of Christmas gifts and some sale things that I needed. Ended my evening with a little Walking Dead and puppy cuddle time. 

So being that it is Cyber Monday I thought I would share some of the scores I made this weekend along with some deals to look out for today.

Holiday weekend

Some of these may not be super exciting for you, but they were for me. I am in that space now where I needed some new bras. For those of you who are pregnant or have been you know what I mean. Victoria's Secret had 50% off all their bralettes, sports bras and select bras this weekend so I went to check them out ( p.s. they still have this deal today, linked below).  My sister had told me to not spend too much on a new bra because, well, you won't need them for long. I spotted these soft Body by Victoria bras and gave them a whirl. These are so soft I can't stand it. They do not have adjustable straps but so far so good, they just slide on like a shirt. Definitely a win with 50% off I got two for $30! On Friday ASOS had 30% off (p.s. they still do) so I snagged a few maternity items. I don't want to buy too many maternity clothes but things are slowly becoming tight and I don't want to stretch out too many of my clothes. I am hopeful these will work. The other maternity tops I liked, I am having a hard time with the jeans. I will keep you posted on these. Last, but certainly not least I scored this Kate Spade number. Over the weekend they had 75% off some of their items. This metallic purse leapt out at me and with the nod of approval from D I got this for $99 when it was originally $398. Worth it.


ASOS 30% off with code THANKFUL30
Gap 50% off with code CYBMON
Banana Republic 50% off online only, no code required
Shopbop 15%-25% off with code GOBIG16
Topshop 50% off selected lines
 Kate Spade 30% off with code WIRED 
Target additional 15% off applied at checkout
Victoria's Secret 50% off select bra styles

What about you? Any great deals you snagged this weekend?

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