Hey everyone!  Thank goodness for Friday am I right? It has been a super busy week around here and have been slacking in the blogging department. Sorry about that but when I explain my week I think you will understand. Next week I should be back on a regular schedule and have a couple fun things coming to the blog so stay tuned! 

I don't think I have put a puppy picture up in a bit. Riggs has become more needy than usual in the last couple of months. I don't know what is up with him but he is basically on top of us all the time. Demanding our attention and affections. I would be more irritated if it was not so adorable.

Let's get this out of the way shall we? The weather has continued to be glorious. Warm for November and mostly sunny. It is highly unusual for it to be this nice this late in the year. I think we are going to start paying for it. Today it is supposed to snow. I am not happy about it. Hopefully it won't be that much and will melt quickly. I am not ready for snow.

This week proves to be another busy week. Not only is work picking up like crazy but I am prepping to help host a friend's bachelorette  party this week where we are starting at my house. I had to run out buy some items and clean the house. Somehow squeeze that in with doing some work from home. I am really excited for the party, but definitely ready for this week to be over and go back to some leisure time. I think starting the week off in a tired place because of the fashion show late on Sunday, made it a more stressful week. Looking forward to a more relaxed time next week.

It's just an update week I guess. I am 26 weeks and counting and #overit. Baby is feeling bigger and stronger. Movement is bigger and seems to have more oomph behind it. We are trying to get the registry done, hope to accomplish that next week. 

I am in the business of mixing maternity vs. non-maternity clothes right now. I picked up this top from local favorite Proper & Prim . I knew it would be perfect because although not a maternity top it might as well be. Bonus? It's comfy as humanly possible. The top is more of a sweatshirt material (my dream material) but the bottom is a sturdy, pleated shirt material. In the front the sweatshirt is cut so it would come up just over a pregnant belly. It's magic. I am not usually one to wear a lot of pink but figured this might be fun as I could easily edge it out with some black jeans, booties and more edgy mixed metal jewelry. For this look, I kept it simple and preppy with these maternity ASOS jeans (stay tuned for a more thorough review), statement necklace from Target and the king of prep Michael Kors purse. This feels very Spring like to me but I do like the contrast with the Fall colors. Lastly, I topped it off with this amaze metallic Quipid shoes (probably the edgiest thing about this look). I love a slip on loafer, something about the silhouette, and the metallic material just pops with this top. In fact a co-worker told me these shoes were "poppin'" when I wore them the first time. I love them. 

Top| Proper & Prim (similar /similar)
Jeans| ASOS
Shoes| Quipid
Necklace| Target (similar / similar)

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