Hey loves! This week has been a real bear. The weather has been cold with a drastic drop in temperature, work with this was go go go so I am a bit tired by the end of the week. With that said I thought I would change my format this Friday and do my favorite things this week:

This week marks the return of America's Next Top Model. My sisters, mom and I used to love that show when it was on the CW. We would obsess about the girls pictures and personalities like we were armchair fashion editors. It is returning on VH1 but not with Tyra. I don't know how I feel about it. However, cycles 1-17 are on Hulu so I have been powering through some of them this week. It is the perfect show to have in the background and it's just fun.

I have heard good things about Elf make up at Target for a while now. I was hesitant because, frankly, they are so cheap. How could it be good for $3? Not in my experience. A few weeks ago I bought a blush palette that has been pretty trusty. Not amazing, but trusty. On the spur of the moment I noticed their lipsticks and they had a couple of great colors. I ended up with ELF matte lipstick. I was super impressed. Great pigmentation and stayed on throughout the evening despite eating and drinking. I went back and bought the satin type in a nude. I have been basically alternating between them all week. 

I wouldn't say I have had cravings during my pregnancy per se, but I have noticed that my sweet tooth has been in hyper drive. About a month and a half ago I bought these strawberry wafer cookies on a Target run. My grandmother used to always have these when we were kids. Now I am obsessed with them. It's the little things.

Starbucks holiday drinks are in full force. I really like 2 of the 3 options, I am not much of a mocha gal. I do prefer the Caramel Brulee Latte. It is so delicious. Just enough sweetnesss without being too sweet to drink. I have definitely frequented Starbucks one too many times this week. 

I got my Rachel Zoe Box of Style this week. I will be doing an unboxing of sorts in the next week or two, and I got this knit hat. This week it has been a godsend. Temperates below zero a warm hat is necessary. I have a knit hat I like but this is warmer. I can just tell. The color is also amaze. It was definitely needed and it doesn't mess up my hair. It's the important stuff, folks.

What are your favorites this week? 

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