I did promise when I announced my pregnancy that I would not do a bunch of maternity/pregnancy posts. I think at 30 weeks pregnant I have done pretty good by this, so please allow me this one rare post. 

Finding clothes to fit is growing more difficult by the day. I made a promise that during this pregnancy to keep my fashion on point. I will admit at night it is leggings and tee-shirts, but during the day I try to keep up with my old self. Finding the right pair of pants has been a bit difficult. I really love dresses right now but I don't own enough to wear a new one each day. 

I have found three trusty pairs of pants that I think will get me through the remainder of my pregnancy. If you are pregnant or trying to be make sure these are on your list. 


As soon as I told a friend about my pregnancy she alerted me to Madewell having a maternity line. She said another major blogger swore by them. One day I got a coupon code and ordered them, because they are a bit pricey. I was a little nervous as my sister had warned me about the kind that stretch on the sides and don't go up and around your stomach. I am pleased to say I love these. They fit like a dream and don't lose their shape. I have a thing about pants stretching out of their shape. As a big ol' pregnant person you already feel misshapen, I don't need my jeans to be. I like the black because it adds some depth to my wardrobe. If I could buy these over again, I would buy a size up. As I grow, they get a little tight around my stomach at the end of the day. I think one more size up would have solved this.

Rune (similar)

I got these in a Stitch Fix and I knew they were a winner right away. They are so comfortable and one of the few leggings I have ever worn that feel secure and thick enough to wear as pants. I have very strong feelings about wearing leggings as pants. These in particular are more fun because of the moto detail on the knee. The more challenging part has been finding something to wear that covers the front and back. These leggings do come up over my stomach and I really like that. They are more comfortable and less restrictive that way, it also helps to get them in place. These again are a bit on the expensive side, but 100% worth it. 


I came across these after trying another pair that failed miserably. ASOS has been my go-to maternity site. Their clothes for maternity are so cute that I am trying to figure out how to wear them after pregnancy. I tried one pair fro Ridley that were over the stomach but they became so grossly misshapen I could not keep it up. I tried these brand and they are wonderful. For this pair I ordered a size larger and glad I did. They are a little big in the waist band right now, but I suspect not for long. Despite that they fit nice and snug in the leg and hold their shape. These are a dark denim and I love how fit they make my legs look. Right now, these are my go-to because the match with everything. Loving these and are my #1 recommendation.

There you have it. Anyone have other favorite maternity pants? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

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