Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I had a very busy and cold weekend. Hope yours was just as fun as mine, but warmer. Definitely warmer.

Friday the snowstorm began. There was talk that there was supposed to be 6-12 inches of snow. When I left work there was not as much as I thought so I hit the gym quick before I went home. We spent the night in. D was making a cheesecake for a holiday party the next day. I promptly got in comfortable clothes and we watched Christmas movies and cuddled with our adorable pups. 

Saturday was a packed day. I got up, did a little work out and headed out. We did not get as much snow as they predicted but easily got about 5 inches. It was also freezing and the temperature was going to keep dropping. The roads were pretty slick so I took our truck and used 4 wheel drive, which was a life saver. I got my hair done and was so happy. Getting my hair done is easily in my top 5 favorite things to do. I am getting blonder, just a bit more to go. Afterwards I bought the remainder of our Christmas presents and had to dash home. 

That night we had our annual friend holiday party. We have been doing this for several years now and although there is typically the usual suspects, we have a revolving door of other folks. We get together, have a nice dinner (ham, delicious) and play a present trading game. Our friends who host always do a wonderful job and I look forward to it every year. I got tired a little earlier this year, partly from pregnancy and the other part from not being able to drink. It helped to play games. Our friends had that new Speak Out game and we did not officially play but a few people tried it out and it was legit hilarious. 

Sunday was my niece's second birthday. I can't believe is she two years old already. She is the funniest kid ever. Every time you ask her if she wants to do something it is a succint "yea." She loves clothes, dolls, Nemo and Princess Sophia. Oh and popsicles. She is so dang cute I can't take it. It was fun celebrating with her on Sunday and watching her interact with everyone.She really loves her mom, my sister, and my mom. They are her two favorite people. She walks up to them and says "gimme hand" and leads them around the house. She is so funny.

There is my weekend in a nutshell.

On weekends like this some casual running around wear is necessary. Also, as I grow I am always looking for ways to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. I saw this long sleeved top and knew it would be great. It is casual enough to dress up or down. I can put a statement necklace on and wear it to work or something simpler for running errands. These are my favorite  maternity jeans right now. I ordered a size up to give me a little more flexibility. They feel stretchy like a legging, but secure and hold their shape. Top if off with this anorak jacket, beanie and cross body bag and you are ready for some Christmas shopping. Full disclosure I took this before the big snowstorm so the jacket may be too cool for the weather. However, you can absolutely pair with a long sweater vest or giant blanket scarf to make it winter worthy.

Jacket| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Jeans| ASOS(non-maternity)
Shoes| Madewell (similar / similar)
Hat| Target
Purse | Target (similar / similar)

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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