Happy Cyber Monday folks! I am going to attempt to keep today's post short and sweet as it was a fairly uneventful, but much needed, weekend. I also intend to gets my shop on today so I gotta get to it. This post is going to be pretty baby heavy so I am warning you, but also cute pictures ahead :)

Friday I had the day off of work, praise, and that is  my official tree day. When we moved into this house we knew it was time to dump our sad old tree and get a big one. We bought a really nice one that is nine feet tall, so it takes a lot to put together. I probably have about 8 or 9 strings of lights to get around it and fixing the branches so they look nice takes for-ev-er. I am not kidding, this is a couple hour process at least. Plus I was taking care of Reese, PLUS a bunch of my lights didn't work so D had to run out and grab some more. Le sigh. The end of product was pretty good though. We relaxed the rest of the evening by holiday light.

Reese wanted to help

Oooo we also got our Christmas cards. After I send them out I will show them to you all.

Saturday we planned to go to our friend's house and help them brew beer. We headed over early afternoon bcause they have a little baby too. The boys brewed while my friend and I chatted mostly baby talk because that's our lives. It's funny to see how babies so close in age can be different in so many ways. They are such better parents than us, haha, they have their baby eating food from the table. We are bad at this. It's good though, because it motivates us to try some things. We left at what was a reasonable time but felt like 9:00 PM because baby wakes us up at 6:00 AM all days of the week. We watched a few movies before hitting the pillows.

Reese was pooped

Sunday was a pretty chill day too. We ran out because I had to return some items. Rosedale Mall in Roseville, MN has done some beautiful renovations and had some super cute holiday decorations and festive activities going on. We were pretty much in and out but it definitely helped with the holiday spirit. We followed up on a festive day by watching The Muppet Christmas Carol with Reese for the first time.  We also started with some table food in the form of tomatoes, which she loved. She danced to some of the songs in the movie. So cute.

There ya have it. The calmest weekend I have had in a loooog time. Today we get back to the work grind and kick off our holiday shopping! I gathered a few of the deals for Cyber Monday so you won't have to. Happy Shopping!

Check back as I will keep updating today!

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