Welcome to another Monday! I am actually looking forward to this week as I am coming off a fun weekend and looking forward to a good week. The weather was a little unpredictable this weekend and I was so busy I, again, took very few pictures. I will try to be better this week. 

Friday was a little hectic. D went out of town for the first weekend of hunting and I had plans. I worked a busy day and then went to pick up the little lady from daycare. I rushed home, fed her, changed her, got myself dressed and headed to my parents. My dad and I had tickets to the Turf Club to see Low Cut Connie. It was a sold out show so we wanted to go early to get a good table. It also unexpectedly snowed, le sigh, so driving was super fun. Thankfully we planned well and got the best table. We have seen them before and they are crazy fun. The lead singer has a Jerry Lee Lewis vibe. Plays hardcore piano and dances and stands on it. He is a little crazy and it was a blast. Worth braving the snow for.

Saturday I slept in a bit, thanks to the lady for being accommodating, but was still exhausted from the night before. I had a few errands to run before going to my Nonna's birthday party that night. I was so pleased that Reese did so good while we were running around. She slept some in the car and stayed super happy, phew. That night my Aunt was hosting my Nonna's birthday party. She lives across town so it took a minute but all my family was there. When my family gets together it's always a good time with laughter, food, and drink. Plus I am always happy to celebrate my Nonna who is one of the best women I know. I also want her to have as much interaction with Reese as possible. I have some memories of my great grandmothers and I am so thankful for that.

She fell asleep like this.....

Sunday was a slightly easier day. My cousin who moved back from Cali bought a home south of Minneapolis/St.Paul. I wanted to get down to see her and her new digs. In typical fashion, I was not on time but made it nonetheless. She has a little baby too so it's fun to get the gals together. I am just happy she is back in town so we can see each other more. Afterwards, I came home for a little unwind time before the work week.

For the concert on Friday, I wanted to wear something fun but not too dressed up. The club we went to is a little hipster-esque and I like to look the part. Last weekend I stopped by a local boutique specifically for this top. I saw it on their IG page and knew I needed it. I knew it was cropped, it is a little more cropped than I thought, but I still love it. It is giving me major 70s vibes. Am I the only one? I just fell in love with the striped pattern and big sleeves. It's hard to see but there is a cutout on the sleeve. I love little details like that, just makes it unique and adds a modern element to it. I paired it with my  high rise jeans to try and keep a modest amount of mid section exposed. I kept the jewelry simple as the shirt is the star of the show. A simple boot and tribal bag keep it fun and ready to rock!

Jeans| Express (similar / similar)
Purse | A Tribe Alive (similar / similar
Boots| Target (similar / similar)

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