Happy Friday folks! Another Friday I am absolutely ready for, ha! I already feel checked out today. I have some fun plans tonight and a busy weekend. Also, just been a busy week and a break would be welcomed. Anyone else has those serious weekend vibes? I hope you are up to some fun things this weekend like I am!  It also seems like I did not take a lot of picture this week so I am sorry for the lack of them today. I am also linking up with some fun ladies this week!

This week was seriously cold. The weather started to change at the very end of the last week and continued this week. We were supposed to get about 3-4 inches of snow. I wore my boots that day and planned to get to work early so I could leave early. Guess what? Not a millimeter. It flurried but literally none of it stuck to the ground. How are meteorologists this wrong this often and still employed? Anyone? Anyone?....Bueller? 

Maybe as her mom I am not supposed to say this....but she has been a real butthead this week. I think she might be teething because she is a terrible sleeper this week. She was just on the edge of a fever Monday night into Tuesday so we kept her home and thankfully my sister-in-law was able to watch her. She got a lot of good auntie and cousin time in that day. Every night at 1:30 AM she wakes up and won't go back to sleep. The first time we gave her a bottle because she did not eat very well that day and it worked moderately well, but the second night we tried it it did not work. D had to eventually take her down into the swing and even that barely worked. My sister-in-law suggested ibuprofen so we are going to try that. Any other momma's out there with good suggestions to help get through teething? I am desperate. 

This week we finished Stranger Things and AHS: Roanoke. We started AHS based on a recommendation from my sister. I loved the first season and basically disappointed ever since. Roanoke is far and away the best one since Murder House. It was legitimately creepy and the story was solid all the way through, which is saying a lot for a Ryan Murphy project. Watch it if you can, it is on Netflix. I was super impressed.

Official Halloween was Tuesday and I was ready to pass out some candy. We decided to dress Reese up in her costume one last time because it was just too cute. She barely tolerated it but it was too adorable for words. I didn't put my costume back on but I did put on my Wonder Woman leggings for good measure.

With the weather change this week it is time to break out the big guns. Some seriously warm and cozy sweaters. Last week I took a pit stop to local fav Proper + Prim because they posted an excellent sweater. Tie sleeves are an on-trend way to have a fun detailing. I think I have worn this brand before and it is so cute and chic while also being understated. I think it's the silhouette it creates. Something about a clean silhouette but a feminine detail without being too frilly. What is also great about this sweater, in particular, is it is warm but thin. It is kind of a long sweater, I could have worn it over leggings or skinny jeans but when I remembered these pants from Loft, the whole look came together. It is thin enough to tuck into the pants without being bulky, so it just opens up a whole range of options. I also had a velvet skirt I debated wearing but maybe I'll save that for another time. The burgundy color matches perfectly with these pink loafers from Alice + Wonder. The pants have pink undertones so when the shoes and the beaded necklace, I think this is my next staple look for work. 

Top| Proper + Prim (same)
Pants| LOFT
Shoes| Alice + Wonder
Necklace | Charming Charlie's (similar / similar)

What do you think? I would love to hear from you! 

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