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Hey! I'm back. Sorry it has been so long. Life got too busy and I just couldn't do it all at once and something had to give. I will try to be more consistent in the future, but I can't promise there won't be times where I miss a post or two. I hope you hang with me, as I have some fun things coming!

Let me give you a little update followed by a little fashion of my life lately!

The first week I was gone starting on November 8th through the 10th I was in Brainerd, Minnesota at a conference for work. I got to go with three other therapists and a few of my supervisors. I have never been away at a conference before with supervisors so that was a new experience. It all took place at this resort, both trainings and lodging. I did not leave the building from Wednesday at 12:30 to Friday at 12:00 PM. Food was all covered and they had a small bar so we were taken care of. The bar at night was a bit funny, getting to know all my co-workers better and karaoke. A few of my co-workers were surprisingly talented, it was definitely an experience.

That weekend was the second weekend of deer hunting. D went up on Friday after dropping Reese off at daycare and I would pick her up. Turns out Reese had pink eye so I had to get her to the doctor. I also had tickets to a concert that night, oh did I mention I was driving home from Brainerd that day? Ugh. It all worked out fine once I got the little lady her eye drops.  She looked like she got in a fight, it was not good. That night I saw Lake Street Dive with my dad. It was kind of a weird concert because this guy Bruce Hornsby was one of the openers. I had never heard of him but I guess he is kind of a big deal. Even though LSD was the headliner, ol' Bruce sure thought it was him and so did the crowd. It was kind of strange, but LSD did not disappoint and that was awesome!

The next day I had a friend's wedding. I only went to the ceremony because Reese and I were alone but it was so pretty and I was super glad I could make it. Afterwards, we headed home and I was incredibly exhausted. I basically fell asleep when she did. I have been so tired lately, I don't know what is wrong with me.

Last week was just a busy work week. I won't bore you with details but it was just go, go , go.

This past weekend was somewhat busy. Saturday was the annual craft show I go to with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We had to cut it short because we had a bridal shower to go to as well. The craft show was not as good as it typically is so we left a little early. On normal years we play bingo after but we couldn't this year. Since we ended early we tracked down a bingo game and played a few quick rounds.

Sunday we got Christmas pictures taken. Normally I don't send out Christmas cards, but with Reese I figured we should. We had an appointment but still had to wait an hour because they were so behind. Did I mention we had the dogs too? I was so mad. Pictures turned out pretty good and Reese and the pups were so well behaved, thankfully.

There you go. I think we are all caught up. I don't want to show the photos until my cards are out BUT I can give you a sneak peak of my look. I have been desperate for a pleated skirt for some time. I saw some last winter that were metallic or fun colors, but I know myself. I wouldn't wear funky colors. I really wanted one that I could wear on multiple occasions from more casual to dressy and what would go with multiple looks. I have seen Everlane promoted on facebook a million times and they always looked cute. A quick google search for "pleated skirts" brought up their page and I took a look. A great, simple, black pleated skirt. A simple band and I am already imagining a million ways to wear this. For the Christmas photos I decided to go, as Tyra would say, black from H to T (head to toe for an ANTM layman). This blouse is an old top from Target but it just keeps working in my closet. A lightweight and this bow in the front is super flattering. I paired it with some classic, snakeskin, heals and simple jewels. You don't want too much jewelry in family photos, it becomes distracting. The whole fam coordinated and when we get closer to Christmas I will show you how it turned out.

Top| Target (similar / similar)
Skirt| Everlane
Shoes| Calivin Klein (similar / similar)

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